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The Question & Answer Technique Chalene Johnson Uses for the Perfect Landing Page

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The Question & Answer Technique Chalene Johnson Uses for the Perfect Landing Page

If you have a product that you want to test on the market before you push it into production, today's funnel review is one that you will want to watch.  Today, Ben Adkins and Tabitha Thomas will be reviewing the Facebook Ad and Funnel of the SmartLife PUSH journal by Chalene Johnson.

This is not only a great product but the way that it is advertised is exactly the way we would do it if we were pushing this type of product.

The SmartLife PUSH Journal is actually designed to work alongside Chalene's New York Times Best Selling book, PUSH.  This was a way for Chalene to not only increase the sales for her book, but it is also a way to help her customers ensure success.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How Chalene Johnson Answers Questions and Shows to create a Perfect Landing Page
  • How the consistency of colors helps tie everything together
  • How to effectively list out benefits of your product on a Facebook Ad
  • How to continually give your customers an opportunity to buy
  • The exact things you need to include on a Landing Page to help answer buyer questions

The Ad:


This ad was targeted to Tabitha and it initially caught her attention because it is Chalene Johnson, and as she mentioned in the video she is a huge fan of all things Chalene related.  But what also caught her attention was the first sentence, “What if you finished work at 1:30 every day.”  That would be fantastic right?  As a new mom, Tabitha would love to be able to finish all of her work and still get to spend time with her children.

And then the next sentence, “What if you had 4 day weekends…… Every Weekend.” Yes, and um yes!  She is speaking directly to Tabitha at this point.  Everything about this ad is speaking to the benefits that the PUSH journal will give the customer.  Customers only care about what your product can provide for them and if this one really does help with productivity, then we are all game.

The Targeting:

We had initially thought Tabitha was a target for this ad because she is such a fan of Chalene Johnson, but that was not the case at all.  She was targeted for this ad because she speaks English.  We found this targeting quite interesting as that will get this ad in front of a lot of people.

But, Tabitha may have also been targeted because she is between the age of 35 to 55 and lives in the United States.  Now that targeting makes a lot more sense to us, as that age range are the ones who typically will be looking for a type of product to help them be more productive so that they can do what they love to do and not what they have to do.

The Landing Page:

This landing page is one of the best ones we have seen.  If you are looking for a great example to go by for creating a landing page, this is the one that you will want to go by.  On this Landing page you will find:

  • A video of Chalene explaining what the product will do and why she created it
  • A list of features and benefits
  • A great description of the product
  • A thorough specification list of the product (size, weight, page number, colors, how wide the journal is and great pictures)
  • What you will be able to do from owning the SmartLife PUSH Journal
  • The Story Behind the Making of the Journal
  • Customer Reviews
  • The 3 Step Process
  • A list of what is included inside of the Planner
  • Images of what the inside of the planner looks like
  • Package options for purchasing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • and TWELVE order now buttons scattered throughout the sales page

That is a lot of stuff to pack into one landing page but when you are finished going through it there will be no doubt in your mind what the product is all about and what it will do for you and what you can expect to get in the mail.  Tabitha and Ben actually purchased this journal and we can tell you that we were not disappointed in our purchase.  Does your landing page have all of this to help your customers make a purchasing decision?

Want to see all of the Facebook Ads we found for this product?  Do you want to see the complete landing page and a links?  How about a video of Ben and Tabitha actually opening the packaging when they received it?  Join our AdLab premium below for all of that and so much more!

What information do you typically like to have before making a purchasing decision?  Did this landing page deliver on every question you could have possibly had?  Let us know in the comments section below.  We would love to hear your perspective.

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