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From Hobby to Profit: 4 Steps to Build Authority for Your Facebook Ad Agency

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From Hobby to Profit: 4 Steps to Build Authority for Your Facebook Ad Agency

When you’re in the beginning stages of your Facebook ad agency, it can be downright exhausting as you attempt to break free from hobby status and move into legit biz status.

build authority for Facebook ad agency from home

After all, you’re putting forth a tremendous amount of effort—from choosing an industry to serve, finding ideal local clients, and so much more. And, you’re certainly not alone in that. Trust me.

I say that because, for the last year or so, we’ve been laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs and Internet marketers just like you break into the local space and start their own agencies. And, they’ve voiced the same struggles.

They’re just as ready as you are to take their business to the next level. Meaning, they want to be taken seriously in their community and officially position themselves as an authority figure in the market.

For that reason, I’m here today to lay out the entire process for you. Yup, that’s right. I’m opening up the AdLab vault and sharing our expert tips to assist you with building a solid foundation of authority for your local Facebook ad agency.

So, where should we start?

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

Well, the proper place to kick things off would be developing your digital “business card,” so to speak. Not only will your services no longer be viewed as a “hobby” by your ideal clients (hello, Mr. or Ms. Serious Entrepreneur!). But, you’ll also be able to look forward to getting your hands on some life-changing profits.

It’s about dang time, right?! I hear you loud and clear. Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

From Hobby to Profit: 4 Steps to Build Authority for Your Facebook Ad Agency

Step 1. Create a simple, yet stellar Facebook ad agency website.

At first sight of this tip, you might’ve had a wave of overwhelming thoughts and feelings wash over you.

“A website?! No way in heck can I build one.”

“I’m no tech geek. It would take me MONTHS to figure out how to do it.”

“I don’t have the time nor thousands of dollars in my back pocket to tackle this task.”

Sound familiar? You bet, because I guarantee similar thoughts popped into that brilliant mind of yours. They’re all valid. We’ve thought the same, too. You see, technology tends to hang people up a bit. And, for obvious reasons. Especially when it comes to creating your very own agency website.

But, building one can accelerate growth for your business if done correctly and when given the proper how-tos. Therefore, to help you speed up the process, we’re giving you the checklist you need to get the job done—in a no-frills, inexpensive, uncomplicated way, of course!

– First, promote your agency identifier.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

The most important thing you can do for your agency is identify the one thing you want to be known for (aka your agency identifier). This is what’ll help set you apart from every Joe Schmoe out there trying to make a living by starting a Facebook ad agency.

So, to do this in the most efficient way possible, you need to “niche down.” We preach this all the time to our AdLab members because it’s absolutely essential. Once you nail your first client, look outside the range of the area you’re servicing to find additional clients in that same industry.

As soon as you do, you need to advertise the industry you service all across your website. Make it obvious. For example, if it’s dentistry, shout it from your website’s rooftops and illustrate your exclusivity! Consider it a way to weed out those who aren’t your ideal clients.

– Craft a Homepage.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

Your homepage will likely be viewed the most out of anything within your digital business card. It has one purpose: to house your main service offering—Facebook advertising. While you might offer a few à la carte services, Facebook ads are what you want to be known for. Right? So, again, that service needs to be exclusively advertised on the page.

And, remember: your homepage is not a sales page. Instead, focus simply on sharing what you do, how you do it, and if interested, how prospective clients can get ahold of you and ask more questions.

With that, here are the essential elements that should make up your homepage:

  • Personal photo of yourself: this showcases the fact that you’re a real person!
  • Opt-in form: this will allow you to open the door for potential clients to ask you questions and get a conversation going.
  • Verbiage about who exactly it is you help: whether you focus on dentists, chiropractors, gym owners, plastic surgeons; you name it, you need to spill the beans!
  • “What Makes Us Different?” blinking button: this is where you can direct website visitors to another section on the page to share why they should work with you—or, what’s better known as the features and benefits of using your service.
  • How It Works section: explain your process to your potential customers.
  • What Our Clients Are Saying section: leverage testimonials to use them to your advantage! A client testimonial video is best, but headshots and quotes come in second. Social proof is social proof!

– Up next, is a thank you page.

Many overlook it. But, it’s important for setting expectations with your prospects and showing you’ve put thought into your follow-up process. Not to mention, it comforts them knowing you received their contact form submission and you’ll be in touch with them soon!

Interested in seeing an example of both a winning homepage and thank you page? Check these out.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

– Toss in an Upsell/Hook Service page.  

If you want to scale your agency, you need to offer up ways you can provide additional value to your clients. And, you can do just that by tossing an Upsell/Hook Service page into your website.

Now, remember, these services are not what you want to be known for. Facebook ads are your jam. So, instead, think of these as dessert options—you can outsource them for someone else to handle (ex. Logo design, Facebook cover images, etc.) to allow you to continue growing your agency and building trust with future clients in the pipeline.

Here’s an example of an Upsell/Hook Service page in action:

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

– A custom domain.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. A custom domain speaks to the professionalism of your business and proves you have no fear when it comes to handling technology. After all, Facebook ads get pretty technical, and your potential clients need to know they’re in good hands.

– Go with a quick & easy design and setup process.

Now, it’s time to take all those pages and set them up to build out your website and begin filtering referrals and prospects. All without hiring a designer or needing to add frequent maintenance to your already hefty to-do list. 

We love using Clickfunnels to tackle the design and setup process for your agency's website. If you choose to go that route, we have a ready-made funnel for you that includes ready-to-use content for each of the pages of your site we previously discussed (home page, thank you page, upsell page, and more). You can get it here. Of course, you'll need to change some things around, like photos and various content about your own agency and your agency identifier. But, for the most part, it's all done for you.

And, speaking of images, you can quickly and easily craft your own using's free templates and layouts.

Step 2. Prep for client communication.

We all know the reason you’re in this business is to live a much more free and flexible lifestyle so you can get back to enjoying the things you love most—spending time with family, traveling, and so much more.  

The problem is, when you’re super eager to reap all of those rewards and fire up your agency as quickly as possible, it’s easy to skimp over implementing important systems to ensure effective client communication.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

That said, here’s the client communication management checklist you need to work through to protect your privacy and lifestyle while running your agency from home:

  • Establish working “hours”—doing this doesn’t mean you’ll be held back from enjoying a freer lifestyle. Instead, it’ll simplify your life! Thus, perform a lifestyle audit in order to decide what you want your life to look like. And, adjust the hours to fit your preferences. For example, do you need to close up shop early in the afternoon to take a class at your local gym or pick up the kids? Bonus: these hours will set boundaries with your clients when publicizing your availability.
  • Set up a dedicated business phone number—offering up your personal phone number to clients can and will interfere significantly with your mental health and personal relationships. To keep that from happening, try using the Burner App. It reroutes calls coming to your “Burner” and sends them to your cell phone so your personal number stays private. And, you can get rid of a number at any time if you find you’re getting late night questions from clients!
  • Secure a business address—while the issues that come with using your home address tend to be few and far between compared to using your private phone number, you should seriously consider securing a PO Box. And, not just for privacy reasons, but also to protect your mail.
  • Obtain a professional email address—this might seem unnecessary to some. Yet, using a professional email account (ex. G Suite) supports brand awareness as it’ll match your domain. And, it helps take you a step further in straying away from hobby status to build authority.
  • Craft an autoresponder (even if you’re not doing any mass marketing for lists)—okay, this definitely isn’t a top requirement to efficiently run an agency (especially if you’re using LeadKit to handle your follow-up sequences). If you want to run additional offers for a client’s list-building efforts, however, an autoresponder will allow you to do just that!

Step 3. Put together your Facebook ad agency social pages.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

When you’re trying to take your agency to the next level, social pages are one of the pillars to getting there. Why? Well, tying back to the core message of this post, they’ll position you as an authority figure in your community.

Yet, many entrepreneurs like yourself are unsure of which pages are an absolute must-have to successfully tackle authority-building efforts. So, to help you, listed below are the two we focus on here at AdLab. These typically serve as the first touchpoint for prospects who come across our business.

  • Public Figure Page (or Persona Page)—because you want to establish trust and likeability within your community (aka potential prospects), you don’t want to be seen as a faceless, nameless marketer hiding behind a business logo. And, that’s where a persona page comes into play. You can create the page using yourself, a team member, or an avatar ideal for your industry. When you design ads from this page, the ad copy should be worded like a friend sharing something with their tribe, versus a hard-hearted advertisement or sales pitch. Going that route will get you much greater engagement!

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

  • Agency Business Facebook Page—this page, on the other hand, is focused on advertising your agency. Not yourself as the face behind it. Think of it as your social media billboard. Taking the time to create one will help tie your branding components and identity together—from your website to printed materials, and more. Also, it’s another place to publicize your working “hours” and contact information (ex. phone number and website)!

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

While two pages might seem redundant, your agency page gives your clients and prospects a place to leave reviews, comments, and suggestions. And, it’s also a backup for running ads! Facebook is moody, meaning, sometimes it can decide to shut down an ad account or page. Therefore, having a secondary account to run things from creates a safety net for your agency.

Now, you might see trainings across the Internet claiming you need to be everywhere—across all platforms—to grow your business. That’s shenanigans, as Ben likes to call it! You can get to six or seven figures just by using Facebook’s advertising network.

Step 4. Develop branding and marketing materials.

What exactly does your agency do?

And, who in the heck are you?

Both are common questions that pass through a cold prospect's mind while you’re at networking events and outings. They can quickly be answered, however, in your branding and marketing materials.

Uh oh. Did that last sentence stop you in your tracks as your eyes focus on the words “branding and marketing materials”? Not to worry. You don’t need to get held back from crossing this off your to-do list, thinking you need to have some design skills to tackle this on your own.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

Again, we’re here to simplify things for you so you can be well on your way to going from a striving agency to a thriving agency. And, for that reason, here are the four materials you need in your backpocket:

  • Professional logo—this is a small, but important part of your agency and brand as it often works as the face of your business. It’s especially important if you’re looking to offer hook or upsell services, as mentioned earlier. For example, if you plan on providing logo design support by outsourcing work to a place such as, you should definitely get your own logo designed by the company to test the waters. Reason being, it can pose a serious problem if you’re offering it as a solution to your clients, and you’re not using it.
  • Business cards—thinking these are outdated? Think again. They’re still one of the most effective ways to break the ice with potential prospects and build awareness for your agency. No need for it to be fancy. Though, it must include your agency name, your name, business phone number, business email, and website address. Again, this is all part of establishing an identity.
  • Shareable promo video—these days, video is king. That said, having a promotional video of professional quality just makes sense. And, no it’s not vital to your agency’s success. But, it will give you an edge over your competition and retire you from hobby/freelancer status. We recommend using to find a video/animation expert that can take care of creating this fun and unique branding piece. Ultimately, the price will depend on how fancy and high quality you want it to be.
  • Native ad (aka advertorial)—want to spread awareness of your agency organically and build authority within your local community through Facebook? An advertorial is the way to do it. It looks very similar to a blog post. Yet, it’s really a sales letter in disguise, with the purpose being to share reasons why someone would need your services (ex: 6 Benefits of Hiring a Local Facebook Ad Agency for Your Business). Upon writing it and setting it up as a webpage in Clickfunnels, you can drive traffic to it by crafting a Facebook ad and targeting a local audience.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

The good news is, you don’t have to be stuck in hobby land forever. When you take each of these building blocks and put them to work for your agency right away, you’ll position yourself as someone to be trusted. And, from there, the transformation into a legitimate business begins!

Best of all, if you’re craving more information like what was shared here today, I’d like to invite you to join AdLab—an ever-evolving ad strategy course on all things Facebook advertising. Many entrepreneurs inside the mastermind group are finding success in growing their agency and generating profit for years to come. We’re confident you will, too.

steps to build authority for your facebook ad agency

Have questions or something to share about breaking out of hobby status and building authority for your agency? We want to hear it! Drop us a message in the comments section below.  

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