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The Profound Way Qalo Rings Target Crossfitters (But Captures Customers Who Aren’t)

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The Profound Way Qalo Rings Target Crossfitters  (But Captures Customers Who Aren’t)

If you have struggled with how to target men to purchase gifts for their wives, girlfriends, mom or significant other you need to watch this video that Ben and I put together reviewing an ad from the ring store, Qalo.  They did an amazing job of targeting men in their facebook posts by actually targeting women.  Qalo took advantage of the fact that most men (Ben agreed with me on this) have to have major hints from their loved one on what to get them for holidays such as Valentine's day.

But what we love the most about Qalo is that they really, really niche down their targeting efforts.  For most people when you hear the word Qalo, you automatically think Crossfit because that is who they have been targeting over the past several years.  The thing with niching down is that even though they may be targeting crossfitters, they are still going to attract people who have absolutely nothing to do with CrossFit.  I am the perfect example of this.  Watch the video above to learn exactly why Ben and I both have purchased rings from them.

In the video will we go through:

  • Some clever targeting methods that maybe you haven't thought of
  • How seriously niching down can still gain you customers outside of that niche
  • The how, when and why both Ben and Tabitha own a Qalo ring
  • And the way men and women shop differently

The Ad:


This ad caught my attention for one because I own one of the rings in the photo.  It also caught my attention because it basically told me to tell my husband just what I want for Valentine's day.  How clever is that?  So all I have to do is tag my husband and tell him I like D.


The Targeting:


Since I had actually purchased one of the rings before, I was on their email list.  So that is why I was seeing the ad.  I would love to see their targeting for someone who wasn't already a customer.


The Landing Page:


I personally loved the landing page.  If you notice, it didn't just take me to the home page, it took me to the Women's page with all of the ring options.  If their actual targeting was to get me to go look at all the rings, they hit the nail on the head.  Because I was excited to see all of the other possibilities.  If they were looking to get my husband to go buy me a ring, he may have felt frustrated that he had to dig to find D from the ad.

If your wife, husband or significant other tagged you in that ad and stated that they wanted D from that list how would that make you feel?  Would you have been relieved to have a huge hint as to what they want for Valentine's Day?  Let us know in the comments below.  We would love to hear how you feel about this particular ad.


For all of the ads that we were targeted with, the links to all of the ads and landing pages and to see how Qalo actually changed the ad to make it even better, join us inside of AdLab Premium.

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