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How to Use Facebook Ads to Sniff Out Pet Grooming Leads

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Sniff Out Pet Grooming Leads

Simply put, getting the message out about your grooming business can be RUFF. In a day and age when every company, entity, and person has a voice through a digital presence, it’s common to be left feeling like you’re shouting into the abyss wondering if anyone even hears you.

What if we told you it didn’t have to be like this for your grooming business? Well, we’re here to say just that (and prove it too).

By using a simple funnel system to target Facebook ads, the people you want to listen to your message will not only hear it, but also listen to it. Imagine that!

If you’re wondering if Facebook is the place to be to garner new furbaby clients, it is! In fact, Barkbox conducted a study that suggested, on average, dog people share a photo or talk about their furry friend six times a week on social media.

Six times a week.

That said, let’s break it down on how to speak directly to these puppy-obsessed parents. And, get ready to set up some PAWesome Facebook ads that “fetch” new grooming clients with this foolproof, four-step funnel system I’m about to share!

Here’s Your Jaw-Dropping Offer (JDO) to Make Your Lead Generation Bark

First things first, you’ll need to determine a jaw-dropping offer on your already valuable services to reach new people—either at a discounted rate or for free. This is something that’s going to make your people stop mid-scroll!

For example, a free canine teeth treatment is an excellent incentive for pet owners who already need grooming services for their dogs. This free add-on service will introduce new clients to your stellar services and convert them into long-term customers.

With a clear understanding of how to determine the best JDO for your business, we’ll break down the funnel steps you need to reach new clients next.

pet grooming leads

The Strategic Funnel You Need to Fetch New Customers

Think of this funnel system as being an essential component of running a successful business. Just as you have specific processes in place to avoid bathing a dog without shampoo or only grooming a few spots, you must also have specific processes in place that transform four-legged friends into princes and princesses.

That said, with this strategic funnel, we’re confident you’ll have new puppies prancing your way! Let’s dig into it now (and we promise we’ll stop with the dog puns… just maybe).

To set up a simple four-step funnel, you’ll need the following:

  • A well-targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page (aka opt-in page)
  • A Thank You page
  • And, a simple follow-up email sequence and text message

A Well-Targeted & Well-Designed Facebook Ad

Remember that group of #dogparents we mentioned before? Yup, the ones who post up to six times a week about their dogs on social media.

Well, this Facebook ad strategy will allow you to speak directly to them. Keep in mind, however, that this ad needs to be downright simple. After all, the primary goal is to get CLICKS. And, from there, you can work your magic to transform those clicks into CUSTOMERS.

Let me unpack that last paragraph a bit more. If your ad piqued their interest enough to make them “click,” then the hard part is over. So, with this clear-cut vision of what you want from the campaign (again, clicks!), the most effective route to go is a Consideration ad that focuses specifically on traffic.

This ad allows you to send interested people to a destination on or off of Facebook. For example, this destination could be your location on a map within Facebook or your website (which resides outside of Facebook). It’s completely up to you!

And, now that you have the campaign goal established, you’re ready to select your target audience.

pet grooming leads

Did you know you can target individuals on Facebook based on their interests or even their purchasing behavior? As a business owner, this information is extremely valuable. It takes all of the guesswork out of finding your target audience. That way, you can rest assured the ad parameters are in line with your business, services, and so more!

Let’s chat about the targeting options you need to select—which are tailored to your location—for your free canine teeth treatment offer.

    • Your city +10 miles (in this case, we used our local town. But, you’ll need to determine the radius based on where you live.)
    • Gender: Women, ages 20-50
    • Detailed Targeting: Behaviors > Purchase Behavior > Pet Products
      • Once under Pet Products select each of the following:
        • Dog food and products, Dog owners, and Pet products

To take it one step further, within the Purchase Behavior section, scroll down to find the “More Categories” section. Click on that. Then, use the following paths to hone in on your targeting even more: (1) More Categories > Partner Categories by Request > Datalogix > DLX CPG > Petcare Buyers and (2) More Categories > Partner Categories by Request > DLX Demographics > Pet Owners.

pet grooming leads


By setting particular ad parameters, Facebook will only share your ad with those in your area, within a specific age range, and who match at least one of the pet-specific aspects you selected. Yes, there are many more targeting options to choose from, but trust us—stick with these, and you’ll no longer be shouting into the abyss (as we mentioned at the beginning of this post)!

Now, we’re clear on the ad’s audience. So, let’s move onto crafting the fun stuff—the ad creative.

When creating your Facebook ad creative, consider what makes you—as a Facebook user yourself—slow your scroll on your News Feed and click. If we here at Closer’s Cafe had to guess what it was, it’d probably be one of the following elements: ad headline, copy, image, description, URL, or call to action.

Were we spot on?

Anyway, enough fun and games. Check out this mighty example of winning ad creative:

What makes this example noteworthy, you ask?

  • The Ad Headline—it states the offer loud and clear.
  • The Main Ad Copy—it’s relevant to the ad’s target audience and correlates with the offer mentioned in the headline.
  • The Ad Image—it’s funny, unique, and quite frankly, pretty cute! Give us a puppy in curlers, and we’ll stop and stare. You can apply this same logic to your image, too. Make it bright and, no matter what, ensure it catches the eye of your audience! (We recommend Adobe Stock for royalty-free images.)
  • The Ad Description—it clearly reiterates the offer. Feel free to include a little more detail in this section as well, such as the grooming salon’s name.
  • The URL—it’s easy to read and is custom to the offer. This will help as you want to avoid link extensions, which can increase the cost of your ad in the long run.
  • The Call to Action Button—it prompts the audience to click “Learn More.” With your stellar creative, you can be confident they’ll want to learn more about what it is you have to offer!

Remember, clicks = leads. And leads = new customers! Think of this advertisement as your introduction to those new customers. And, once you have people interested (you know, as soon as they click on the “Learn More” button), the process to claim the offer needs to be seamless. More on this next!

Landing Page (aka Opt-In)

It’s fine and dandy to get clicks to your ad. But, if those interested audience members wanted to know more about your offer, and aren’t directed to an effective opt-in page, the future won’t be all puppies and rainbows for you.

I say this because, frequently, people want to cut to the chase and skimp on crafting a thoughtful landing page. This means that potential customers end up on a run-of-the-mill Contact Us page to figure out how to take advantage of the deal on their own.


Don’t follow in their footsteps. Instead, treat these potential new clients like VIPs. And, VIPs get their own landing page that’s specific to the deal they just clicked on. Doing this will help you eliminate any confusion and enable you the chance to gather contact information while they claim the offer.

Ultimately, the landing page needs to include the following: a clean and consistent appearance, very minimal information, and scarcity.

We recommend using LeadKit to create this VIP landing page. It makes the process of setting up your page super painless and stress-free!

When it comes to creating a consistent look and feel to match the Facebook ad the potential customer initially clicked on, simply use the same image for the background that was used in your Facebook ad. Doing this will ensure the customer is in the right spot!

And, next up, make sure the information you’re requesting from them is super minimal—keep it limited to their name (first and last), email, and phone number. Any more than that and they could scurry right off the page because, well, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Last, but not least, introducing scarcity is KEY. If there’s a limited number of spots available to redeem the offer, don’t hold anything back! Spill the beans because the customer will certainly feel the pressure to act fast to make sure they don’t miss out.

Now, do you want to hear the best news? Of course you do!

This landing page is tested and approved by Closer’s Cafe. We’ve used this same layout for many industries, and it works every. single. time. We’re giving you permission to re-create it!

Thank You Page

We all love to be thanked! So, once your potential customer clicks the “Give Your Pooch Fresh Breath Now” button on the opt-in page, they’ll be instantly added to your email list and redirected to a Thank You page.

And, with the goal of keeping all communications surrounding the original Facebook ad consistent, you’ll notice this page is extremely similar to the opt-in page. Yes, with a few teeny-tiny tweaks, of course.

The Thank You page begins by noting that the confirmation email is on its way. This email will explain that they’ll need to call to schedule the appointment for their pups as soon as possible to state the offer code to redeem.

And, while the number on the page looks like a typical phone number, it’s so much more than that! We suggest you use to set up a tracking phone number that’ll forward calls to your business to track the effectiveness of your campaign. When you track conversions from your Facebook ad, you’ll be able to see just how impactful this type of advertising can be!

Most importantly, at the end, we throw in a bonus stack with some added scarcity. It’s an additional freebie or special offer added to the original offer. But, it’s only given to the prospective customer if they contact the office to redeem within the next 24 hours.

And just like that, three of our four funnel steps are complete. Now it’s time to wrap up your campaign efforts with none other than a thoughtful follow-up!

Follow Up

Everyone leads a busy life, which is the number one reason you, as the business owner, must follow up with those who opt-in to receive your offer. Not to mention, people are seriously forgetful. Refresh their memory and ensure they take advantage of your offer through two simple follow-up emails and a text message.

Although this may sound challenging, it’s actually very simple with SendGrid. Modern technology is so cool, is it not? Anyway, here is the breakdown of what these communications should include:

  • Text Message: The potential customer entered their phone number upon sign up, so use it! Schedule a text message that contains a snippet about the offer. It must also include the tracking phone number I mentioned a little bit ago so they can call ASAP. This is the easiest, no-hassle way to get an appointment on the books as you’ve literally placed your contact information in their hands.
  • Email #1: This is the first email your lead should receive right away, which should merely restate the same information from the Thank You page.
  • Email #2: This email should be sent two days after they submitted their contact information with a reminder as to why the offer is so awesome and that they’ll want to claim it before it expires. Re-introduce the scarcity element again, which usually prompts people to act FAST.

Lead generation is a business necessity that can leave you chasing your tail to hit the ground running. When you complete this four-step funnel plan to use Facebook ads strategically, however, the rewards sure are a treat! Give your current lead generation efforts some much-needed love with this ready-made funnel for Facebook ads, and raise the WOOF for your grooming salon.

If you’re ready to take your grooming salon to “Best in Show,” be sure to paw-p over to Closer’s Cafe! Join us for a virtual cup of coffee (and invaluable information) about growing your Facebook ad agency through digital communications like this four-step funnel system and beyond.

pet grooming leads

Do you have questions about this four-step funnel? A success story using this system? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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