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The 5 Week Plan to Improve Client Retention Rates for Your Agency

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The 5 Week Plan to Improve Client Retention Rates for Your Agency

The topic of Client Communication is a big one.  It may seem like a boring one.  But it is also the one thing that can keep clients from coming back to you.   So let's talk about how to do it the right way right out of the gate (and improve client retention rates)!

Communication is the #1 reason people lose a great client within the first month of having them.

The way you communicate with your client the first 2-4 weeks will most likely be completely different than it will the rest of your working relationship.  But doing it right the first two weeks will make clients love you and in turn make your agency better!

Getting a client is hard.  You have to put yourself out there.  You have to hustle and work your tail off.  So let's make sure you can keep those clients you worked so hard to get.

Most Facebook ad agencies don't understand that when you get going with a new client and you are delivering on what you have promised for your clients, those clients do not understand what it is that you are doing and how you are doing it.  They don't fully understand your process for doing things. They are new to all of this.  And they probably don't even know you all that well.

That's why the first 2-4 weeks are extremely important!

Let's run through what you should be doing with a new client for the first two to four weeks.

Week 1

So this first week after you initially sign up this new client.  You most likely have laid out the process, you have gone over the Client Service Agreement and you have given them a little bit of an outline as to what to expect.

The first thing you need to do is frame it for your client what the first two to four weeks will actually look like.  So before you even walk out the door from your initial meeting, before they even sign the contract, this is what you have to do.

You have to say, “So, what we are going to do is, once you sign today, we are going to start the process of our service. And on day number 3 (state the actual day of the week) I'm going to send you a quick little email and just let you know that we're started and we're good to go. And then right around the 7-day mark (state the actual day of the week), I'm going to give you a call and I am going to see if things are working on your side.”  

If you are driving leads by Facebook ads, they should be getting phone calls.  Now, this is the #1 place where we see things start to fall off for the campaign.  And it falls off for a variety of reasons.  Maybe the receptionist isn't used to the new process of what needs to be done.  Or people are calling and then they're hanging up. Or people are not leaving a message or they are not calling at all. There could be a few variations of things.

The key is in the first 3 days let them know the ads are running and they should be expecting things to happen on their end.  Four days later, you call and say “Hey, this is what we're seeing on our side, what are you seeing on your side?” When you make that phone call, this is when they will tell you what is happening and if something is broken with the process, you can fix it early on.

Now, if you were to extend out your first communication about the campaign to two or three weeks from the time you started it, the client will already be frustrated.  If you catch anything that may happen right at the beginning, right around the 7-day mark, they will be able to tell you and you will be able to correct it and save your client from any frustration and you the potential lost client.

Weeks Two – Four

Scheduling Client Calls

In the initial meeting, you will also let them know that at the two-week mark you will be calling them again and do the same thing.  You will report what you are seeing on your end and they will report what they are seeing on their end.  And if you caught issues from the first phone call how those changes have been addressed and how it changed how things are running.

Every time you have an interaction with your client, it's probably only going to be a five-minute phone call.  Or maybe you have agreed upon an email reporting.  If that is the cause email them how the campaign is going and ask how it is going on their end.  If they say something is going wrong with the campaign, pick up the phone and call your client.  Get it addressed quickly. It's the small touches like this, the small things that most people miss when they are first starting.

So here is the key take away.  In the first 2-4 weeks, you HAVE to be talking to your client at least every five to seven days.  Even if it's just an email or a phone call.  That will allow you to catch all of those small things that are going wrong, and fix them quickly so that by the time you get to the end of that first month, you are going to be set up perfectly.

Week 5+

They will value your service and they are going to know that you're the kind of person that's on top of things. After that, you're probably just sending them an email once a week, once every two weeks, to keep them posted on how things are going.


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How often do you communicate with your clients the first week?  We would love to hear your take on it.  Let us know in the comments below.


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