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How FabFitFun is Bucking Trends to sell an Expensive Subscription Box

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How FabFitFun is Bucking Trends to sell an Expensive Subscription Box

Today's funnel review is a fun one because Tabitha Thomas did this one with our Affiliate Manager Ashton Campbell and our AdLab Content Creator Brandy Sappington.  Today we reviewed an ad for FabFitFun a beauty subscription box.  Being a girly type of product, I can understand why Ben let the girls handle this funnel review.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How this ad caught our attention
  • How FabFitFun uses a charity to help seal the deal
  • What makes this subscription box different from all the others
  • The similarities of the ad to the Landing page
  • How putting in the discount code for your customers will get more sales.

The Ad:

Ashton was actually the one who had this ad come up on her Facebook Feed.  And what originally caught her attention was the fact that she uses some of these products now.  She loves all things CHI and right in the middle of this ad in the bright red bottle was a CHI product.

Ashton was actually in the market to purchase a gift for her sister, who is returning to the states after living in Japan for a bit.  So, this beauty box caught her attention as a gift to get her sister.  And the fact that she got a $10 off code for this box just sealed the deal for her.

Like some of the other ads we have reviewed in the past, the bright pink colors in this ad will greatly contract with the Facebook blue and will pop when anyone is scrolling through.

For Brandy,  the ad may not have caught her attention in the first place, but the wording of the ad “The Box that Broke the Internet” would have made her stop in her tracks.  Exactly how did it break the internet?  What about it made it so popular?  These are some questions that automatically made her curious enough to click on the ad.


The Targeting:

Ashton was targeted for this ad because they want to reach people who are similar to their customers.  So what FabFitFun has done is upload their customer audience and created a look-alike audience and that is how Ashton was targeted.

Or, she may have been targeted because she is a woman over the age of 18 who lives in the United States.


 The Landing Page:

What we loved the most about this particular landing page is that it took the products from the ad, and spread them out, making them easier to see.  If you pay very close attention, these are actually different products than the ad, leaving us to believe that they have a lot of products available for the boxes.

We loved how the landing page looks very similar to the ad so that the viewer is sure they followed the right thing.

The fact that this landing page was clean and simple and everything was on one page was wonderful.  But what Ashton loved more than anything, is the fact that FabFitFun put the coupon code into the check out for her.  Meaning she didn't have to go get anything from her email and plug it in herself.  Which meant that Ashton could check out faster without second guessing herself or leaving before she changed her mind.

Do you subscribe to subscription boxes?  Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comment section below.

Want more from this funnel, like other ads, links to the landing page, a video of us opening the box Ashton ordered and more?  Join us inside of AdLab Premium and we will give all of that to you!

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