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How an Online Food Delivery Service uses Unique Packaging in their Facebook Ads to Attract Their Ideal Customer

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How an Online Food Delivery Service uses Unique Packaging in their Facebook Ads to Attract Their Ideal Customer

Join us as Tabitha and Ben review this Facebook Ad from Terra's Kitchen.  This product is not one that either of us has come across before or had even heard of but after reviewing the ad, we were intrigued, to say the least.  Terra's Kitchen is a meal delivery service that uses a unique shipping container that keeps the food cold.  But their marketing advantage is that their container can be reused up to 100 times which helps the environment and keeps your space free of big bulky cardboard boxes to get rid of.  This funnel review is all about taking what makes their product different and using those to market to their exact customer.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How their targeting was spot on to the right customer
  • How Terra's Kitchen used the power of one image to drive home a selling feature
  • How they used a trail to get loyal customers down the road

The Ad:

This ad, we believe, is targeted to others who have at least a passing knowledge of the other food delivery systems out there.  We believe that from seeing the brown boxes in the image to the right and because it says” Ditch the Brown Box for Smarter Delivery Technology”.  The fact that a normal sized woman seems to be picking up this box with ease really stood out to Ben.  This image gives the impression that the box, even though it is a special packaging, is not going to be heavy, which you may think when you see the box.  And lastly what stood out to us in this ad was the fact that the packaging can be reused up to 100 times.  Meaning if you are environmentally conscious this ad is going to appeal to you.

The Targeting: 

Ashton, our Affiliate Manager, and Help Desk Guru was the one targeted for this ad because she is interested in shopping and fashion.  When I had first heard that Ashton was the target for this ad, I honestly thought it was because her mother is an amazing caterer.  And Ashton sometimes does work for her.  But I was totally wrong, it was her shopping habit.  But, it could have also been because they are targeting people aged 25 to 34 who live in or were recently in Missouri.  We are betting that they are testing this ad for various graphical areas.  Living in the Mid-West like we do, we do not have access to certain types of foods like those on the West or East coast do.  Meaning we may be the prime target testing subjects because we want fresh food straight to our door.


The Landing Page: 

We loved the bright, colorful look of this landing page.  The vibrant images of the food make you feel like everything is extremely fresh and well packaged.  If you were to click on the video on this landing page you would see that same woman picking up and carrying the package into her home with ease.  Making you feel like this product is not heavy at all.  The brightly colored drawers in this box make you have the same feeling you would have if you were opening a drawer of a refrigerator.

She then goes on to unload the box and quickly make dinner for her and her significant other.  And when you scroll down the page a little you will see their 3 selling features.  Which is the fact that you can choose your recipe for the week, they wash, chop & deliver and that you can be enjoying you meal within 30 minutes.  And a little further down they have their 4th feature, which is the no-commitment subscription.

Have you come across this ad before?  Do you think they did a great job using the sustainable packaging as their feature in this ad?  If this was your product, what type of ad would you have used?   Let us know in the comments below.

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