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How Navdy Wins Over the Customers Who Said No

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How Navdy Wins Over the Customers Who Said No

Today, Ben and Tabitha are reviewing a Facebook Ad and Funnel for a pretty cool product called Navdy.   It allows users to have access to their phone by using a device located on the dashboard.  This was a great funnel review for us as we love the simplicity of this ad, and the landing page itself does an amazing job of selling us on just how amazing this product really is. Ben also walks us through what to do to combat a high sticker price and still get the sale.   So let's go through what you will learn from watching our review.

What you will learn in this video:

  • How to “mess up” the image to catch attention
  • How using a video background can help sell the benefits
  • What you must do if your charge over $499
  • How to help your customers create excuses to buy your product
  • Why you need testimonials

The Ad:

We like this ad because immediately it is pretty apparent to us what is going on just by looking at the image.  We can see from this simple the image that there is a text coming up on the screen and the driver is able to see it without taking her hands off of the wheel.  Now there is one thing about this ad that feels odd to some, but we are betting this was done purposefully.  There is a woman driving as we can see from the side mirror, but if you look in the rearview mirror, we see a man.  Is he in the back seat?  Where exactly did this guy come from?  Did someone screw up this ad? You maybe wouldn't necessarily catch it just scrolling around Facebook, but you've got two sets of eyes that are looking at you and if you catch it, it's enough to make you stop and really pay attention.

Past the image, it is paired with very simple, straightforward description of what the device does, ” The world's first driving device that lets you look forward while staying connected. ” That is exactly what this company is all about.  It does what it is supposed to do.  Now let's take a look at who this ad was targeting to:

The Targeting:

One of our team members, Brady was the one who was targeted for this ad.  We assumed they were targeting people who are early adopters, tech-savvy people who are attached to their phones, just who Brandy is.  So from the looks of the targeting, they are using a custom audience.  They are uploading the list of people who have already purchased this product and they are saying, who looks like these folks?  Or Brandy may have been targeted because she is over the age of 25 and living in the United States.

You get a general idea of what is going on from the ad image, but if that is enough to peek your interest about everything this device can do, you are going to head over to the Landing Page.

The Landing Page:

Navdy is letting the website do the selling for them.  It is a beautifully designed website with amazing images and videos, one of the best we have seen.  Immediately you are shown a hero image.  A hero image is typically the first thing people see on your site, normally a picture of your product, a video of the head of your company talking, or the author of your book, it was your big thing.  This hero image is a video background with the text “From now on this is what driving looks like.” over it.

With this particular product, a video is a perfect way to tell the story of this product and what it is able to do and they are using it as the backdrop and that is what is so great, it's subtle.  And right out of the gate, just from viewing the background video we can tell that navigation can be used with this device as well as text messaging and music.  So right away, without doing anything, we learn so much about this product just by landing on their website from the ad.  And then they have the button for you to watch a video to learn even more of what this product does.

Once you move down the page and hit on the pricing of the product you will see that this device is $499. For a lot of folks, this is going to be something will stop them in their tracks, the pricing. It's a good price point and we are certain the product is a good one at that price point.  If you are going to have a product that has a $499 price point or higher, you must be retargeting your ads.  Because this is not going to be an impulse purchase.  This is something that the audience will need to be continually shown.  One way that Navdy is trying to combat this issue, is that they are offering 0% financing and they have that option available right on the sales page.  And after reviewing this ad, Tabitha was retargeted with this ad several times in her facebook feed because she had visited their website.

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