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How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency (Without Funnels & Ads!)

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How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency (Without Funnels & Ads!)

Wouldn’t you love to have a recurring monthly revenue stream? You know, to the point where you’re not stressed by the thought of whether you and your bank account will still be standing strong when the close of each month rolls around?

Yeah, I think I just sensed you quickly wiggling around shouting “YES!” at the screen.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

And, I’m sure you’d also love client relationships that last for years versus a big one-and-done kind of paycheck. I mean, it’s enough work to be on the hunt for new clients on a regular basis. And, even more work to find those who want to stick it out with you—for the long haul.

While we all want more money, however, we also want more time. After all, there are things we want to do in our lives—things we enjoy. And, more money and more time help afford that.  

Therefore, to help you grab hold of both of those things, we’re unlocking the doors to our vault of secrets to give you an inside look at a system we’ve been working hard to put together—a system that helps you unlock recurring revenue for your agency.

Dr. Ben has been doing this for years, and the market is finally in the right place for an explosion. That said, he’s ready to lay out his business plan so you can find success in 2018—sans funnels and Facebook ads.

Yup, you read that right. Best of all, it’s insanely easy to get started and scale, allowing you to take on a heck of a lot more clients than you are at the moment. And, when I say easy, I’m talking about no extra headaches for you.

One thing’s important to note: what you’re about to discover is based on low-ticket offerings. Reason being, they’re easy for businesses to say yes to. They can be a nightmare to offer, however, especially when you’re first starting out and trying to scale your business. But, with this system, you’re going to come away with a big W (a win!).

So, you ready to dive right in? Let’s get started!

First, why do people fail at local lead generation in the first place?

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

Let’s get one thing straight. We’re not teaching this because we no longer believe in the power of our marketing model (aka the Facebook ad agency). We’re teaching this because the opportunity to do that might not fit your style.

Just because many others are finding success and bringing income in as a result of their lead generation efforts, doesn’t mean it’s the right plan of action for you, too.

Why? Because everyone is different. And, for that reason, many factors play into why people fall flat on their face when it comes time for local lead generation. Here are our favorites:

  1. You don’t believe you can deliver. Hey, you can’t sell anything unless you’re fully confident that you can deliver on your ultimate promises. No matter how hard you try, you just end up working your self-sabotaging magic to convince yourself somehow you aren’t cut out for the job. It’s not like you intended to do that. It just happens. And, that’s okay.
  2. You’re more comfortable charging your clients low-ticket offers versus high-ticket. It’s easier for you to feel like you’re not cheating someone out of their hard-earned money if you charge them a lower price. I’ve been there. Yes, many think high-ticket is the way to go. But, those who can do it most likely endured events or conversations that made them uncomfortable throughout the process.
  3. You’d rather pitch a high-ticket service to an existing client rather than a cold lead. I’m sure many of us have been here a time or two. Your current client has had time to work with you and sing your praises, so you’d instead try to get them onboard a high-ticket service than fight the frigid cold to scout out new leads. Yup. That’s much more difficult.

Catch yourself agreeing with any of the above? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep on reading to discover how you can steer clear from failure and grab hold of greater success for your Facebook agency.

Two no-brainer services every business needs (that don’t involve selling lead generation services!).

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

Okay, so you want a business that has recurring revenue. I get it. We all do! But, how in the world can you build up a monthly income stream if you’re not selling lead generation services? Is it even possible?

I’m happy to say yes, it is. And, I’m going to share with you how by dishing out two no-brainer services. But, before anything else, these are services local businesses without a doubt already need and absolutely despise handling on their own. They just don’t want to pay a steep price for them, however.

Okay, now you’re probably yelling, “Tell me! Tell me!” Don’t worry. I’m about to. You have to promise me you won’t laugh after reading, though. These non-fancy services are about to make you some moola.

1. Super high-quality websites.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

This service won’t serve as the “portal of entry,” so to speak, because some clients will be hesitant to switch as they’ve had their website for, well, forever. But, it’s still an important one.

Why? Because business owners end up buying a website way back when (during the inception phase of their business), and not a damn thing has happened to it ever since. They got busy. And, because they got busy and lost sight of updating or refreshing it, competition swooped in and started crushing them.

So, at a fair price, you can offer a service that’ll provide your clients with a super high-quality website and routine maintenance. It’s not supposed to be fancy because all a business owner usually wants is something that’ll look good and work for a long, long time.

That said, it’s clear the opportunity exists—especially if you pay close attention to the big companies out there mass-producing websites. You’ll notice they’re bad. Really bad. And, that’s putting it lightly.

Thus, you can come up with something much better in a day using a website editor like Wix or Clickfunnels, and sell it to 100 different businesses in the same niche.

2. Custom social content creation and scheduling for Facebook pages.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

Now, this is where you can really get your foot in the door, and allow the website service to follow in its tracks once you gain your clients’ trust.

We spoke with chiropractors specifically, but almost every business owner right now is in the position where they know they should (and need to) be posting to their Facebook page every single day. Or, at least every few days.

But, are they doing it? No! And, that’s because they either don’t have the freaking time or they hate it.

Now, I know you might be all doom and gloom right now because Facebook’s recent changes take the focus off the importance of a page’s daily posts. Meaning, they’re not going to show up in News Feeds anymore. Womp womp.

Here’s the important thing to remember, however: if a business puts up consistent content, it’s going to get good results. How so? Well, when someone hears about a business—whether it be through a friend, blog post, Facebook ad, etc.—but has yet to visit it, they’ll typically do one of two things:

    • Google it and go to its website. And, they judge that site on its appearance. Kind of like when you meet someone for the first time. First impressions really do matter!
    • Search for it on Facebook. And, they’ll pay close attention to what’s happening on the page, if anything, and whether or not the content is up-to-date.

So, here’s where you come in. You can offer custom content creation and scheduling services for Facebook pages (more on exactly how you can do this in a manageable, scalable way in a bit!). When you do, however, you do not promise them likes or the ability to manage their social media (ex. Replying to comments, etc.). They’ll still be handling all of that good stuff. Because, to be honest, social media management can be a time suck. And, if you think back to what we said at the beginning of this post, we’re all about helping you get back more TIME.  

Do you think a business can survive without these two services? Yes, absolutely. We’re not here to BS you. But, what we are here to do is tell you what we see happening in the market and provide you with simple services you can offer ASAP to strengthen a business right out of the gate.

Here’s our $199/month recurring revenue business model.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

Once you have some time to wrap your mind around those two no-brainer, non-lead gen services, this becomes a behemoth—something you can believe in and do by yourself while helping businesses.   

Now, how will you ever bring a client onboard, set what they pay for in motion, and collect monthly payments while doing almost zero to no work once things get rolling? Let me unbutton our $199 a month recurring revenue business model for you.

As you can tell, we’re not the best secret keepers around here—we’re generous with our experiences and nuggets of insight!

  • First, let’s do the math together. And, no, I’m not talking crazy long division equations. Simply put, with your custom content creation and scheduling service, you’ll want to focus on creating two posts a day. So, based on the average number of days in a month (aka 30), that brings you to almost 60 posts per month.Now, if you charge around $100-$200 a month for this service, it might seem like you’re lowballing the cost of the amount of work you’ll be doing. I get it. I used to have that same thought, too. That is, until I figured out how to scale the service. The key is to take on clients in the same niche (ex. Chiropractic care), allowing you to provide high-quality services much more frequently, yet within a templated package.

Think same content (just cycling through it in a different order). Multiple clients. It’s that simple. Just take a look at one of our sample posts to get a feel for how simple this truly is.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

And, if someone happens to ask if you’re doing this for multiple businesses, explain that being the reason why they’re paying you at a significantly lower rate than what they would be for other Facebook agencies. Basically, they won the lottery with you!

  • Now, another key piece of the puzzle: a technique we call Post Rotation. It should only take you about an hour tops. The gist of it is you focus on creating and scheduling out a full year’s worth of content for the client who partners with you. But, you can’t do this without having a system in place.

Having a system in place means you can then brand hundreds of images in a couple of minutes. Not to mention, you can craft and schedule all of that content in about an hour as well.

An hour?! Yes. An hour. But, that’s only if you automate it all using a post scheduler like MeetEdgar. It takes the time-suck out of social media so you can kick back and relax.  

I know what you might be thinking: it’s inevitable the content will run out. What do I do when it does? Well, you simply reuse it over and over again! Again, this is easy, yet profitable stuff to ensure your Facebook agency stays in the green for many years to come.

Maybe you’re still hungry, however, to learn even more about this content service. If that’s the case, be sure to check out Dr. Ben’s webinar replay.

Ready to get this model rolling? Here are the quick and painless steps to follow to actually land clients in no time:

  • First Month: get to work lining up all of your prospects.
  • Second Month: close your first client for custom social content creation and scheduling.
  • Third Month: start stacking your clients and getting comfortable with onboarding a lot of them to scale your business and grow your recurring revenue stream.  

This is amazing and all. But, who in the world are my ideal clients for this business model?

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

You can certainly play a game of hit or miss and see who’s most interested in grabbing hold of your two no-brainer services. After all, this model could potentially work for many different clients in many different industries.

But, which kinds of clients should you be focusing on for the greatest success in very little time? Clients in industries that offer similar services. Think health professions such as chiropractors, dentists, and so on.

Why? Well, because if you’re a regular of Closer’s Cafe, you obviously know we understand a lot about chiropractors in particular. And, the proof is in the pudding, helping us shine the spotlight on our reason for focusing on these particular clients.

You can look this data up, but to-date, there are about 77,000 practicing chiropractors. And, about 2,500 new practicing chiropractors enter the market every year.

Dang. Talk about a huge opportunity.

So, from that large number, the chiropractors under the age of 50 know that Facebook is a powerhouse. And, because they’re focused on marketing themselves, they know they need to grow their organic reach via the social media platform.

But, is it easy for them? Heck no. It gives them some serious anxiety. They’re hands-on kind of people. And, they’re looking for quick relief—someone who can come in and handle the task for them. That way, they can get back to solely focusing on what it is they love to do. All while their Facebook page tells a story about the quality and nature of their service, and ultimately, office.

Why is that important? Because chiropractic clients do their research before they visit. That way, they can rest easy knowing that this person has their crap together. You can’t trust anyone and everyone with your neck in their hands! Especially if their Facebook page and website isn’t up to par.

It’s important to note, however, this model also works for low lifetime value industries such as salons, tire shops, and even pressure washing companies. Although, it’s not ideal for businesses that offer custom products or services, such as restaurants, as you can’t reuse the content for additional clients. You know, to save you time.

While you certainly can create business-specific content for a one-off business, we highly recommend you charge a setup fee upfront of at least $500, helping cover the time you’ll need to invest in crafting the social post images. Whereas, you can waive that fee by using repurposable content—which will support your efforts to close even more leads for your Facebook ad agency!   

Phew. There you have it. Our secrets to unlocking recurring revenue, allowing your agency the opportunity to maintain a healthy cash flow and work in a stress-free environment, while creating more time in your schedule to live the life you want.

Oh, and if you’re craving more of what we shared today, and want ongoing help navigating the challenges of building and scaling your Facebook ad agency, I invite you to join our exclusive Closer’s Cafe live mastermind.

How to Unlock Recurring Revenue in Your Agency

Have questions or something to share about our model that’ll help you unlock recurring revenue? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you and be of any help!

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