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The Painless Way Smile Direct Club Sells Home Based Dental Care

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The Painless Way Smile Direct Club Sells Home Based Dental Care

If you are running a Facebook Ad Agency from your home, getting a dental client is one of your goals because they are a high LTV client.  And if you are not running a Facebook Ad Agency from your home, you totally should be. Today, Ben and Tabitha went through the Facebook ad and funnel for Smile Direct Club.  Smile Direct Club sells invisible aligners but without the hassle of having to go to a dentist.  Don't get me wrong, dentists are involved, but you don't have to go anywhere.  With Smile Direct Club, you can do everything from the comfort of your home.  This is a great funnel for everyone to copy and use.

In this video you will learn:

  • How Invisalign educated the customers of Smile Direct Club
  • How a simple hero image can get the job done
  • How to answer the questions that come to your clients minds


The Ad:

Right out of the gate the wording of this ad catches our attention, “Straightening teeth just got faster.” So for those of us who had braces or our friends had braces, we understand how many years it takes to get straight teeth through braces.  We can tell that this company understands the pain their customers go through with having the potential of wearing braces for a long period of time.  Smile Direct Club gets straight to the benefit of what this product can offer us, saving time.

This ad is a video ad, so what you are seeing above is a paused video ad, which is linked inside of AdLab premium.  Smile Direct Club lets the video do the selling for them, and really be the star of the ad.  They do not try to oversell it by adding a ton of wording on the ad.  It is very simple: “Straightening teeth just got faster” and “Quick. Clear. Confidence.  Get the straight smile you deserve.” Straight to the benefits of what the product will do for you, no filler fluff.

Now notice also, they use the word “clear” in the text.  Clear automatically for a lot of people invokes the thoughts of Invisalign.  Invisalign spent so much money marketing, someone was bound to try to play off of that because the market has been so saturated with it.  Smile Direct Club doesn't need to use to word Invisalign at all, all they have to say is clear.  Meaning they don't have to educate their customers because they aleady understand.  Making it easy to portray exactly what is is that this product will look like and do just from using the word clear.  Now, let's jump into the targeting and find out why we were seeing this ad in the first place.

The Targeting:

So they are either targeting us because we are similar to their customers or we are aged 18 to 55 and live in the United States.  They are using the list of their customers who are currently using their product and they are putting that list into Facebook to target people, called the Look-Alike Audience,  who are similar to their customer base.

Once you have customers, you should be using the look-alike audience to target new customers.

Now let's take a look at where the ad will take us once we click on it.

The Landing Page:

The minute you land on the page you see a hero image.  A hero image is a large banner image, placed on a website generally in the front and center,  It is often the first thing you will see when you go to the site.  This hero image is perfect. You are seeing this girl smiling from the side, it's simple and clean.  There is not a lot of clutter on the page.  It goes straight to the point.  It gives you what it is that they are selling, “Invisible aligners delivered to you at the price you can smile about.  And then you have two areas, one for learn more and the other is to get impressions.

When you begin to scroll down the page you will see other hero images, all wonderfully designed.  This section of the page, just lets you know who their products are for.  Simple, not complicated at all. Not a lot of overwhelming content to read.  If you read those two sentences, you will know right away if this product will work for you or not.  If it won't, this site has not wasted any of your time.  If it is for you, it makes you want to keep scrolling.

The graphics and simplicity of this make this section of the landing page amazing!  There are 3 simple steps and each step is described in one sentence.  You quickly and easily learn exactly what this company does and how they do it.   If you need to learn more you have the option of clicking on the link to learn more about how it works.

The next section is one that WILL cross every buyer's mind, “yeah but how much will this cost me.”  This section, again, is very simply designed.  It gives you just what you want, the price and paying options.  You have the option of breaking it down into easy payments or receive a discount for paying upfront.  If you have questions about the pricing, or maybe want to know if insurance is accepted, you have the option to learn more with the button.

If you are anything like me, you are thinking that's great, but does it really work?  What were the results from others?  This next section gives you video testimonials.  And we love video testimonials.  It's very easy to believe someone looking at you, telling you their story.  They have several there as well as an option to go see more.

Now we are at the end of the landing page and you should have all of the answers that you need (or had a way to learn more if you needed it). All that is left to do is get your impressions.  There are 2 areas where you can click to make that happen.  Still have questions?  There is a live chat link at the bottom just under the get impressions tab or there is a phone number up top for you to call.

All and all this is a well-designed funnel and even better landing page.  The simplicity of it all is beautiful.  Want to see where the get impressions tab goes?  How about the video on the ad?  How about all of the emails we received.  You can have all of that and so much more by joining AdLab Premium.

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