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How a local Hospital Uses the Power of Facebook to Find Their Next Employee

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How a local Hospital Uses the Power of Facebook to Find Their Next Employee

The review we are going to cover today is one that hits close to home for me, quite literally, as this ad is for a hospital in my home town and being in the human resources field, it stands out even more for me.  One of the biggest employers in our town is our local hospital and they are doing some cool things to get people to come work with them and make their place of business better.

What we are going to be looking at is a Facebook Ad, specially designed to get nurses.  You may not think if you are out there right now and you're just trying to run ads to get business through the door, that this is something that is going to be effective for you.  But if you are anything like us, good people are always hard to find.  They are not hard to find necessarily because good people aren't out there.  Maybe sometimes the thing that you're hiring for isn't within their immediate network.  So they are just not seeing it.  This is where ads become very important because the second you can get a good employee on board, your business changes.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How to keep your ad super simple
  • Why the surrounding area in targeting matters
  • The best landing page for employee applicants

The Ad:

First things first, we are looking at a super simple ad that will be aimed at people who live around the area the hospital and it will be something that is familiar to everybody.  Being an ad for a job opening we can guarantee that it is something that will be shared.  And as you can see at the time of this capture, it had been shared 32 times.  When there is job opening post people will automatically think of someone that it would be good for and they are more likely to share something that could help another friend.  Anytime we have posted a job opening, not an ad, just a post, it has been shared a lot.

The text in the ad is also very simple, ” Nursing positions available immediately. Apply today.” The reader knows right away if this position is right for them or if it is right for someone else they may know.  PBRMC is obviously just going for the click.  What will help boost their click is the text below the image, ” $5,000 to $10,000 bonus.” That is all that they need to get the click.  They don't go overboard.  And they are not doing anything overly fancy.  It's just a picture of a nurse, a description of what they want, and that is just to have nurses apply.

The Targeting:

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center wants to reach people interested in nursing based on activity inside Facebook.  Or they are wanting to reach people aged 25 and older who live near Poplar Bluff. There is nothing complicated about the targeting of this ad.  Now let's take a look at where this ad will take us.

The Landing Page:

When you click through,  you are giving the full description of that particular nursing job opening.  This is where a lot of people can mess this up.  If you are running an ad and if you have the ad running just to your website and you make your potential candidates dig through your website looking for openings, you could be missing out on some great hires.  And what PBRMC does a great job at is they didn't just take the ad to job openings, they took you to the exact opening that they were advertising, I am certain increasing their candidate pool by making the application process an easy one.

Once the potential candidate lands on this page, they read through the benefits of they job and they are interested, now what?  Easy click on the “I'm Interested” link in the description or there is a tab up top that you could click on as well, making it easy as possible for someone who is qualified and looking for this position.

The Funnel may not be a complicated one, but if you are looking for great employees, this is a great one to duplicate.

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