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If you are using an Online Landing Page and Running Ads- Don’t Make this Mistake

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If you are using an Online Landing Page and Running Ads- Don’t Make this Mistake

Today, Ben Adkins will teach you how to make certain that your Landing Page Software is not causing you to have high Facebook ad costs by using a Web of Trust Rating and the one easy step to lower your ad cost.  One of our amazing AdLab members actually brought this to our attention and we are so thankful that she did.  Because once Ben started researching it he found an issue that even we hadn't realized we were having.

What you will learn inside this video:

  • How to tell if you have a low Web of Trust rating
  • What is potentially causing your low rating
  • The easy fix that will get you a good WOT rating and help bring down your ad costs

A few years back Facebook wanted to make their ads more high quality and they wanted to do it by using a rating system.  So, they implemented the help of Web of Trust.  We started noticing though a lot of our tests was that we can run the exact same landing page and get two very different results based on one simple little factor.

And that factor was the landing page url.  Now, that may sound crazy.  Why would a url, if it's going to the same page, have anything to do with how much money you spend on an ad to a webpage on Facebook.  It actually has to do with the history of that url.

What Facebook does is it uses this company called Web of Trust.  And Web of Trust goes around and it actually ranks pages based on the domain name on the trustworthiness and on the danger of the site based on what kind of content the site has.  Facebook pulls this information in and if your domain has a poor rating, then you're going to pay more money.

An example of Good Web of Trust Rating:

Notice this ad has a bright green circle, meaning that this site ( has an excellent web of trust score.  I'm not surprised by this rating, are you?

We encourage you to download the Web of Trust extension and take a look at your ads and other's ads to see what the ratings look like.  We also encourage you to start rating the websites that are good quality sites as well as those that are bad.

So, What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately, a lot of the popular page building services like Click Funnels and LeadPages or anything that has a ton of users on it, and they use that little prefix in the url.  So for our company, it's or  If I were to leave my url at just that, then we are going to start having problems.  And it is not Click Funnel's fault and it's not Lead Pages' fault.  They just have a lot of users so they have a lot of things going on so they get some flack when someone uses that url and it get's a bad rating.

It means that one little tweak, that one little change adding your domain to those services is going to make your ads come out cheaper. Now it's a small piece of the algorithm but it's a piece that matters and when you are sending thousands of clicks a day to your clients, to yourself, it matters a ton.

Take a look at the video above where Ben walks you through how the Web of Trust rating works and looks like with the different urls.

Were you sending your ads to an online landing page like ClickFunnels?  Do you have a low or high web of trust rating?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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