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The Inspiring Way Vera Bradley Ads Encourage Their Customers to Give

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The Inspiring Way Vera Bradley Ads Encourage Their Customers to Give

Today's Funnel Review was a really fun one for me, as I love anything that has to do with online shopping.  Ben and I will go through an ad for Vera Bradley, specifically an ad for their newest Havana style inspired purses.

This dynamic ad, was perfect for this type of ad as it shown several styles of the “Havana inspired” purses that Alisha, who was the target for this ad, might like.  If she liked the first style that was shown, more than likely she will look at the other styles that they have for this ad.  The dynamic ad is a great way to show different products to people who have visited your website before.  They could also change up the ad to serve other visitors based on what they are interested in.


In This Video We Will Go Trough:

  • The design of the ad and why it stands out
  • How to constantly suggest other items the customer would like
  • Ways to make your customers feel like they are doing good by shopping


The Ad:


This is the particular ad that caught the eye of our AdLab team member, Alisha.  She was drawn to this ad because she LOVES all things Very Bradley for one.  But she also loved the style of this particular purse that was advertised.

If I were the person scrolling through Facebook and this came across my feed, it would have caught my attention because of the very vibrant floral background.  Like we mentioned in the funnel review for ModCloth, the colors of this ad are very different from the Facebook blue.  Making them stand out even more.  There is nothing about this ad that will blend with everything else you see on Facebook.

The Targeting:

The targeting for this particular funnel review may look different than some of our others because this is one that she found while scrolling on her phone.  As you can see Alisha was not on a custom audience targeting, which is what I had initially thought it would be because she is a customer of theirs.

She was instead, targeted because she is interested in Online Shopping or because she fit within the age range of 18 to 34.  She may also have been targeted because she has liked the Vera Bradley Facebook page as it says it was based on activity such as liking Pages or clicking on ads.


The Landing Page:

If you had clicked on the ad from your phone, above is how you would see the landing page.  Which is exactly what Alisha had seen.  Below is what it looks like coming from a desktop.

You will be directed to a beautifully put together video that is selling you the idea of the Havana lifestyle.  It shows a woman wearing all thing Vera Bradley while traveling around Cuba.  From there you can scroll down to see all of the purses they have available.  I like the fact that it is advertising purses, which the landing page takes you directly to, but the video also hints at other things Vera Bradley sells, such as sunglasses.

What Ben loved about this landing page was that it continually gave you opportunities to purchase other items that you “may like”.  Not just as you were adding things to the cart, but all the way through the payment processing, which is where most businesses stop trying to sell you.  Very Bradley doesn't want to miss an opportunity.

What Ben liked even more than just the opportunity to purchase other items as the customer went through the payment process, was the fact that Vera Bradley gave the buyer an opportunity to donate to their charity.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but giving customers the opportunity to donate leaves them feeling as though they are doing more than just shopping, they are actually doing something good for someone else.

We love when businesses help charities accomplish their mission in helping others.  Does your business partner with any type of charity?  Tell us about the charity and link them in the post below.


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