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How ModCloth Grows Their Clothing Sales by Pre-Styling Outfits for You

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How ModCloth Grows Their Clothing Sales by Pre-Styling Outfits for You

Today’s funnel review is a fun one! Inside we are going to cover an alluring ad for ModCloth, the women’s online clothing store.  Alisha, one of the Adlab team members, was targeted on Facebook by this ModCloth ad because she is on their current customer list. She was immediately drawn to it because of the bright red lipstick and the trendy outfit featured on the ad.

Alisha is a super fashionable person and after seeing this ad, she was ready to purchase because ModCloth did such a great job of styling the outfit and targeting it towards strictly business attire.  Watch the video above and find out if she was able to purchase what she wanted after following the ad or if they lost the sale.

Watch the video above and join us as we walk you through:

  • Why eyes and lips on ads catch your attention
  • How the color pallet chosen for this ad contrasts with Facebook- in a good way
  • How this funnel could gain more sales from its customers by doing one simple thing


The Ad:

This ad, even though it looks like a simple one,  is doing some amazing things.

As Ben and Tabitha talk about in the video above, the first thing that really stands out is the red lip color and the fact that you are not seeing this person's eyes.  The colors that this woman is wearing contrast greatly to the colors of facebook which will make it stand out from everything else that you will see on facebook as you are scrolling.

The Targeting:

Our AdLab team member, Alisha, was targeted for this ad because she is a current customer of theirs and has previously purchased from them.  Meaning her email is on the list that they uploaded to their facebook targeting.

If you were putting a facebook ad together, would you have chosen to not show the eyes?  Would you have only shown a very small portion of the outfit? Do you feel that this ad works as well as we think that it does?  Let us know in the comment box below.  We would love to hear your opinions of this ad.


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