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How a Local Chiropractor Brings Leads in on Their Knees

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How a Local Chiropractor Brings Leads in on Their Knees

Wouldn't we all love to bring leads into our business on their knees?   That is exactly what a local (to us) chiropractor is doing.  Betts Chiropractic, in Jonesboro Arkansas, is using a specific procedure (non-surgical knee pain treatment) ad to get leads into his door.

These are our favorite kinds of funnels because it's a small business, leveraging Facebook to build their business and it's exactly what Ben did to build his chiropractic business when he started.  So let's go through what you will learn in this video and then break it down.

What you will learn in this video:

  • How Betts Chiropractic is really niching down and being good at one thing
  • The breakdown of this ad and why it works
  • The information contained on the landing page that will help seal the deal

The Ad:

The first thing that stood out in this ad for Ben and Tabitha is the fact that it says “Jonesboro Knee Pain Relief”.  This is the city we are in while recording the blog videos.  Having the town we are in on the ad really makes the ad stand out to us.  But the other aspect of this ad that is great is the copy: “Non-surgical knee pain treatment- it's not too late.”  This is powerful ad copy.  If the chiropractor is the one who actually wrote this ad, he is doing an amazing job!

When it comes to chiropractic, people are typically going to you as their last resort, especially with something like this ad. They typically have gone everywhere else and have tried everything else and now they are looking at surgery as the next option.  But if they see this ad, “non-surgical” and “it's not too late”.  That copy is really going to grab your attention, especially if you are suffering from knee pain.  And if they are not certain the copy takes it to the next step by saying “you might be a candidate.” And then also finishing it up with FDA approved, leaves the impression that it has been tested and it's safe.  Now let's take a look at the targeting.

The Targeting:

Ben was the one who was actually targeted for this ad on his cell phone.  As you see above,  it says they want to reach people who were recently near their business.  Ben had been in proximity of their business with his phone in his hand.  This is some sophisticated targeting, especially for a small business, but it is not hard to do in facebook, we actually teach how to use the recently near targeting inside of AdLab premium. Now, let's take a look at where the ad will take us once we click.

The Landing Page:

Get Leads to my business

Although this is not the best or prettiest page we have ever seen, but that doesn't matter because it is effective.  Just like in the ad it mentioned Jonesboro.  Immediately we know this is a local doctor.  It also has a phone number at the top that is a local number as well.  Again, the copy is doing a great job here with phrases like “Finally find relief”, “new non-invasive”, ” non-surgical” and “It's finally here.”  They are also trying to lock in the symptoms their patients may be facing with the check marked area.  In a couple of different areas, they also have places where you can reserve your free consultation.  Getting patients in the office is what we are after here.  Get them into the office and then let the office do what it does best and that is treating the patients and relieving pain.

For a look at the complete landing page and the entire funnel join our AdLab premium.  We not only give you all of the links and pages to this funnel we give you links to all of the funnels we have ever done.

Have you seen other professions niche down to one service in their ads like this one has?  We would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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