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How ID Tech Camp Uses Minecraft to Attract Tech Savvy Kids for Summer Camp

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How ID Tech Camp Uses Minecraft to Attract Tech Savvy Kids for Summer Camp

Today's interesting funnel review is all about teaching kids tech savvy things which are kind of a big deal right now.  Companies have caught on to this and are really starting big marketing pushes.  You have probably seen them on your Facebook feed if you have kids like we do.  We are going to show you the iD Tech Camps funnel that we thought was very intelligently done.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How targeting a wide age range can work in certain cases
  • How specific landing pages for your area can be a great thing
  • What you won't see in your Ad Targeting details

The Ad:

Right out of the gate, you can tell that this is a fun ad, just from the image.  You see a group of kids who look as though they are having a great time rocking out the Minecraft stuff.  If you are a parent with kids, this age especially, this hits home for you, well because it looks like all of our kids right now- all geeked out over Minecraft.

Next, you read the text above the image, “Is your child ready to code with Minecraft, build their own laptop, or design a video game with Unity. Learn more about the #1 rated tech camp for kids and teens aged 6-18.” What is so great about this is that they are taking something that our kids love, and as a parent, you are thinking this is something productive they can do with this thing they are spending all of their time doing.  Or, you are looking at the fact that it could be a potential career path for them.

The ad is great.  It pops out, has amazing branding.  We love the logo, it's simple but it does the job.  And the ad picture is just extraordinary.  So we are betting it is getting clicks, but let's see who they are targeting.

The Targeting:

We have seen this ad because iD Tech Camps wants to reach people 30-60 who live or were recently in the United States. We do not have much more information than that just from looking at the Why Am I Seeing This section of the ad.

One thing that really stood out to us is the fact that the age range went up to 60.  Then we realized that they were targeting grandparents of these tech-savvy kids.  Grandparents are on Facebook and always looking for ways to spoil their grandchildren or tell their children what they need to be buying for their grandchildren.

We believe this is more of an exploratory ad to see what kind of people are actually clicking on their stuff.  But, what you are not seeing in this targeting, is that they are targeting people who have kids.  The reason you are not going to see this show up is because this is something that is highly sensitive for parents.  There are certain targeting things that will never show up. And most of the time, what we have learned, is that Facebook doesn't put it in front of you because it would raise some things that may be a problem for them.

The Landing Page:

This is a very slick looking landing page. Branding is on point.  You will see the same logo and colors as you saw on the ad.  One of the first things that we notice is that you can request a brochure.  We are guessing that is the number one thing that the older generation will do is go for the brochure.  Having the “Request a Brochure” option is a great idea.  Normally we wouldn't save have more than one thing going if you are going for an action, but considering the broad range that they are after, it makes sense to have it.  Having several different things is going to drop your conversions but, we still think they are in a learning phase here in trying to figure out how they need to advertise what they are doing and who they need to advertise it to.  And we believe they will do the numbers to figure out if they get more people requesting brochures or do we get more people signing right up.

The one thing that we thought was funny is that we were taken to the landing page for New Jersey.  This is funny because Brandy, our AdLab Content Creator who this ad was targeted to, lives in Missouri.  What so interesting is that we can go find our appropriate state, if we are willing to dig for it.  Most people will not be willing to do that and that is where they may have missed the boat on the landing page.  It is possible that they were not targeting Brandy by location, and we think that because if she was that would have popped up in the targeting.  But don't miss this, what is so great about this is the fact that they have a page for each of the states that they have camps in.

If you would like to see that brochure and all of the links to the landing page, join us inside of AdLab Premium where we give you that for this funnel and all of the funnels we have ever done and so much more!

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