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The Fun Way “Mega Tiny” Ads Stick with their Audience

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The Fun Way “Mega Tiny” Ads Stick with their Audience

Today, Ben Adkins and Tabitha Thomas review a Facebook ad and funnel for a cell phone case that stuck with them.  Most of the funnel reviews that we do either come from our AdLab team members or even some of our clients, but this is one that actually had Ben Adkins stopping to watch.  This is a cell phone case called Mega Tiny.  The video ad captured Ben's attention by sticking a cell phone to a window and shoot video with it stuck to the window.

What you will learn in this video:

  • How Mega Tiny used the power of video to capture Ben's attention
  • How the right photographs on your site make all the difference
  • How they targeted Ben by what phone he has
  • How showing what other customers purchased can help make more sales

The Ad

This was an actual video ad, so getting a good screenshot of that type of ad is almost near impossible.  So if you want to see the video, please watch the video above.

So, Ben is scrolling through Facebook at 2 am and this video comes up in his feed and it shows two friends sticking this phone case to a window in order to shoot a video of themselves.  Now, this catches Ben's attention, because if you haven't noticed lately, but we shoot a LOT of videos for AdLab.  A cell phone case that will allow Ben to record videos without him having to hold his own phone and the video being shaky because of it has peeked his interest.

He stops scrolling and keeps watching the video.  Now, the other elements to the case, like the bottle opener and the mirror, he has no interest in at all.  But, during the video they say something about it having Nano suction technology. Okay so it has suction cup type things and that's what makes it sticky, no, not really but it has gained more of Ben's attention.  Ben sees the people in the video pulling items on and off of the phone and it's enough to get him to click on the ad and he orders this particular case.

This is one video ad that does a great job of showing exactly what the product does, as well as how it will benefit the viewer without saying a single word.  The ad does it's job and gets the viewer to click on the ad.


The Targeting

The targeting for this ad was that Ben owned an iPhone 6.  As this ad is for a cell phone case company, this targeting couldn't have been any better.  I mean you get to choose the exact right audience for this ad.  Typically when we look through ads of this kind, I end up getting re-targeted for the products.  But as I am an Android user ( no judging, I happen to love my Galaxy) I have yet to see an ad for this Mega Tiny place, maybe because I don't have an iPhone at all.  Ben also may have been targeted for this ad because he is over 18 years of age but under 45 and he lives in the United States.

For great targeting, advice check out our post: THE TOP 5 MOST INTELLIGENT AD TARGETING OPTIONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS IN 2017.

The Landing Page

This is another landing page that Ben and Tabitha both just love.  It has amazingly high-quality photos.  And it jumps right into the products that you are most likely there to purchase. These photos also simply show exactly what the products do with very little text explaining.  The site is easy to manage and they give you lots of opportunities to purchase more by giving you suggestions along the bottom of the pages with other items you may like.

As we stated in the video, the one thing that could have prevented Ben from purchasing the case was that there was not a smooth transition into and out of the shopping cart.  Once you clicked add to cart, you really couldn't tell if it actually put it in there or not.  All in all, we loved the simplicity of this landing page.

One last thing, if you purchase a case like this, make sure you read all of the instructions.

If you want to see all of the links to all of the ads and landing pages join us inside of AdLab premium, where we give you all of that of not just this video but all of the funnels we have reviewed.

Have you been targeted by a product you own like a cell phone? Or, how about a Mac user versus a window user?  We would love to hear how you have uniquely been targeted by an ad.  Leave us a comment in the section below.

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