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How to Still Land The Client Who Said No

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How to Still Land The Client Who Said No

Today's video is all about what to do when you have a potential client that you really like. but you have to walk away from and how to get them back. This is a difficult one because it's hard to have a good conversation, a good connection and to really like a potential client  and then have to walk away because they either don't have the money at the time in their budget or it's wrong timing or any number of other variables that could make a project just not work at that particular moment.

The way that it typically happens is that you'll have set up some type of trial running Facebook Ads for this potential client, and you will be to the point where you are pitching the package that you want to sign them up for and they just won't be ready because of timing, budget or whatever it may be and you will have to walk away.  And that stinks.  But they key is to walk away gracefully because if you actually like them as a potential client you will probably be doing business with them in the future.

So what do you do?  How do you set it up so that a client that is ideal and perfect and that you can help will come back to you?  How do you add that extra little bit of pressure to get them over the edge without trying to push them over the edge and it seeming that way to the potential client?

If the potential client says they just can't do it right now you need to say “I understand, that's cool. I'll be checking back in with you sometime, and I appreciate you sitting down and meeting with me.” And that's it.  Walk away.  That's the best way to walk away gracefully.  And anyone who is doing business out there, that is reasonable, can relate to.   Doing this will leave them with a good feeling.

This is where things get good.  This is the trick.  Two weeks later you need to go back into their office and you need to say this, ” So listen.  I've got another person in your area, who you would consider competitor and they are wanting to sign up for the trial.  Before I went through with this and I'm probably about a week out or so with working with them.  But before we go through and we sign the contract, I wanted to check with you and make sure that it's okay because I really enjoyed talking with you. ”  When you go in that way a couple of things are going to happen. You will get a really good sense if this was the person you thought that they were from how they react to you.

So what will happen when you say that?  If they still can't work with you The first thing that is going to happen is they're going to say is that is cool, and that they will not hold you back from potential work.  They will say that even though they can't work with you, it's still cool.  And if that is the case and they are that kind of client, you will keep checking back in with them because you will want to work with them eventually.  And eventually, timing will be right.

But what happened to us a majority of the time is that you will hear this phrase, “well actually I was just about to call.  We have been thinking about it and we are ready to work with you now.” And what you've effectively done is you've used scarcity.  You have put this in front of them in a way that says, “Hey, we had a good thing going. something was hanging you up.  It wasn't me, it was you. Jump over the fence.”  And you give them that sort of nice let's do it now without being that pushy salesperson that no one likes.

This is a super easy way for you to go in one more time and see if you can make it work.  Either way, you walk out of that office feeling really good.  This is a masterfully way to make sure that, if they sign up with you, they're happy, if they don't' sign up with you, they're happy, and it's somebody that is still in your lead flow that you can go back to.

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