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How to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Opt-ins by 25% Using the Matching Principle

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How to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Opt-ins by 25% Using the Matching Principle

Have you ever gotten sucked into a store because you saw an advertisement or a sign in the window? Of course you have.

But, when you actually got inside, they didn’t have the product or service that was advertised. Maybe they sold out of it or they just didn’t have your preferred size or style. Cue the frustration!

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

Oftentimes, much to your disbelief, this isn’t the store owner’s fault. But, it can definitely be a part of some strategic game they’re playing with you to corral you into the store, getting you to spend your hard-earned money.

There’s actually a phrase for this, and it’s called bait and switch—an illegal marketing tactic that’s been around for ages. The best comparison I can give you is following in Urban Dictionary’s footsteps to hysterically apply it to the dating world:

“The term can also be used for a relationship when a girl or guy “advertises” her or himself as being something s/he’s not and, in the end, ends up being a shoddier “product”—a lesser person than was originally promoted.”

Boom. Now, let’s go back to the store example, and try to remember how you felt when they were out of your size or didn’t have what you went there for.

Yup, that’s right. You definitely didn’t forget. After all, it certainly wasn’t a happy feeling.

Instead, it was like you got sucker punched. And, following the initial blow, you started to feel a range of emotions—from FOMO (fear of missing out) to frustration at the store because they promised you something.

Yet, what happened? They didn’t deliver. Womp womp.  

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

Unfortunately, this bait and switch tactic is used far too often by marketers on a daily basis—the first location being online advertising, such as Facebook ads (it’s referred to as clickbait in the digital world). The second location obviously being brick and mortars. And, mostly without ever knowing they’re actually using it.

If you want an example of clickbait in the digital world, just take a look at various Facebook ads. A business will create one for a special offer, and the user will click on it to be redirected to an opt-in page. But, that page has a completely different message and image on it.


Think the user will rush to move their mouse over the X button and close out of that spammy looking opt-in window as quickly as they can? You bet.

With that said, today, I’m here to help your ad agency avoid falling into the clickbait trap. You're going to get the how-to to avoid using bait and switch tactics, while aligning your message with your agency’s Facebook marketing efforts. When you do, you’ll get a sweet reward: a 25% increase in opt-ins!

Not only will you be well on your way to keeping your word and your promise to your web visitors. But, you will also give people exactly what they’re looking for. Therefore, it’ll be extremely difficult for you not to get their contact information via your client’s opt-in page (and, eventually, a sale!).

So, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s how to boost opt-ins by 25% with your Facebook marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about the core issue once more.

After all, I want it to be forever etched in your memory. I don’t want you making the dreaded mistake at the core of this blog post.

To start, I’m going to ask you to think back again to that feeling of being sucker punched when that same store promised you something via an advertisement and didn’t deliver. I know, I know. You’re probably getting squirmy in your chair being forced to recall that rotten feeling.

There is a method to the madness, though. Reason being, it’s far too easy to make your client’s ideal customers feel that same way upon arriving at your advertising efforts on Facebook. Especially when you try to get all creative, only for your marketing to not align with what it is you’re offering.

Now, I can type about this all day long. But, you’re probably ready for a visual example. Am I right?

Here’s one for those dog lovers out there…

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

Imagine you’ve—once again—gotten sucked into the Facebook rabbit hole and you come across an ad from a local shelter with a super cute picture of a dog. It captures your attention for sure.

Yet, as you jump the gun at the sight of the dog and prematurely click, you realize the ad is actually for cat adoptions. Oh no. That’s not what you expected.

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

You fell for the clickbait trap. Therefore, if you “accidentally” make those same advertising blunders, you can expect to lose the trust of your client’s ideal customers right off the bat. Not good.

There is good news, however. Thanks to an easy formula you can follow, you’ll be able to ensure you always fulfill your promises when producing Facebook ads for your agency—without driving the audience into a downhill spiral. And, that easy formula is called the Matching Principle.

Let’s walk through the makeup of the principle’s four simple matching rules:

  • Match the image—is the image you’re using, from your ad to your landing page, the same or completely different? Note, there are exceptions, which we’ll dive into in a bit. But, for the most part, the image should stay the same.
  • Match the message—are you saying the same thing, from your ad to your landing page? For example, are you telling your potential customers dogs are for sale when that’s actually what you’re offering? Or, are you doing the complete opposite and falsifying your message?  
  • Match the overall theme—are you using similar colors, fonts, logos, and even tone of voice, from your ad to your landing page? Or, does your landing page have a completely different look and feel from your ad?  
  • Match the delivery—is your final delivery to your potential customer or subscriber exactly what you promised in both your ad and your landing page? For example, did you guarantee an eBook and deliver an eBook? Or, did you guarantee a price and honor that price?

It can be far too easy for marketers to get each of these rules wrong. But, when you keep this Matching Principle in your back pocket, you’ll ensure you continue to deliver on your promises.

Now, let’s put it into action so you can quickly begin boosting Facebook opt-ins by 25%.

Take a look at this Facebook ad for a local real estate agency. And, you’ll want to closely analyze the image, the offer (aka the promise), and the overall look and feel. Soak it all in.

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

What’s the main promise? A FREE “Most Wanted” Homes Guide from SELL SEMO.

Now, let’s take a look at the landing page. The page the audience is taken to upon clicking the ad on Facebook. Look familiar?

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

The Matching Principle is, without a doubt, hard at work in this example. Therefore, to take it a step further, let’s run through the checklist.

Does the image match? Yes, the picture on the landing page is the same exact picture from the Facebook ad. Talk about consistency!

  1. Does the message match? Sure does. The promise of getting a free copy of the “Most Wanted” Homes Guide is the main focus in both the copy on the landing page and the ad.
  2. Does the overall theme match? Yes—similar colors, text, logo, everything.
  3. Does the delivery match? You bet it does. The promise to get a free copy of the “Most Wanted” Homes Guide is clear. I know I can trust the brand.

See how much easier your life can be once you start using the Matching Principle?

You’ll finally be able to say goodbye to all that extra advertising work you have on your plate because, once you have your ad image and copy, you’re good to go. No longer will you need to create a crazy amount of variations for all the different touch points of the campaign. Once you do it the first time, the same material will go in each and every place.

Not to mention, you’ll make the decision to purchase so much easier on your client’s potential customers! Through the Matching Principle, you’ll stay focused on keeping your client’s word, illustrating they’re not just in it to get another lead on their side. And, ultimately, that’ll give them a reason to trust your client’s business.

Are there any exceptions to the Matching Principle?

Well, there are always exceptions to any rule, right? And, in terms of the Matching Principle, the only rule you’re allowed to break is the “match the image rule.” But, that’s only if your client, brand, or company becomes a bit more well-known in their industry or community.

Reason being, after you’ve worked hard enough to build a solid audience around the clients of your advertising agency, you can get away with the image not being cohesive. Many people are already familiar with what it is they do.

This is especially good news because, sometimes, in Facebook advertising, you may want to conduct A/B testing on the image to see which one resonates the most with the audience. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible to match the image 100% of the time to the one that exists on the landing page.

how to boost facebook marketing opt-inshow to boost facebook marketing opt-ins


Make sense? Let me reiterate. You can only bend the rules when your client is established in their industry or community. And, the only rule you can bend is when it comes to matching the image across various touch points—from your Facebook ad to your landing page.

The rules, however, never bend when it comes to your ad copy. Your message, as it relates to what it is you’re promoting, needs to be consistent and clear. 100% of the time. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Ultimately, the creation of the creative aspects of your Facebook advertisements isn’t easy. And, far too many digital marketers make the mistake of producing campaigns that fall into the clickbait bubble. But, luckily, you can avoid following in their footsteps (while increasing opt-ins!). All by implementing the Matching Principle for your agency right away.

And, if you want more of what was shared here today, and help navigating the oftentimes-murky waters of Facebook advertising, join AdLab now. It’s your unfair advantage to stay ahead of the game.

how to boost facebook marketing opt-ins

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