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How HP uses Amazon Product Reviews to Earn Customer Trust

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How HP uses Amazon Product Reviews to Earn Customer Trust

Today's Funnel Review is not your typical funnel.  In this funnel review video we take a look at HP printers; specifically an ad for their new HP Sprocket printer.  Although HP used a typical Facebook ad at the beginning of this funnel, where you land after clicking through the ad is completely unexpected, and is what intrigued Ben and Tabitha the most during this review.

What you will learn in the video above:

  • How a simple photo image catches people's attention
  • The Landing Page you weren't expecting to see for HP
  • How HP is using the power of Amazon to make sales

The Ad:

Our AdLab Blog Content Creator, Brandy Sappington was the one that came across this ad as she was scrolling through her phone one night.  The ad caught her attention because of the simplicity of it but also because of what the product actually does.  Even though we are in the digital age, it is still nice to be able to print the pictures we want to keep and put up in our homes.  The image chosen for this ad is a great one as it shows the size of the printer and the size of the images that it will produce.  It is like the Polaroid of today's age.

The Targeting:

Brandy was the target for this particular ad because they want to reach people similar to their customers. What HP has done is upload their customer email list and created a look-a-like audience to target people who have the same interests as their current customers.  Brandy could have also been targeted for this ad because she is between the age of 23 and 60 and she lives in the United States.

The Landing Page:

This is what blew our minds.  The huge company HP Printers, that could easily take their customers to a beautifully designed landing page has opted not to do that and instead take them to their Amazon page.  This is NOT what we were expecting at all.  What is so great about this is that Amazon controls the customer reviews so customers who land on this page know that they can trust the reviews, probably more so than a landing page controlled by HP.  The other great thing about this landing page is the fact that they take them to a place that is super easy for the customer to just purchase what they are interested in.  And they give them package options of just the printer or the printer with the paper as well.  If the customers happen to have a prime membership, then the chances of them buying just go up because of the free shipping and the ease of purchase.

Did the Landing Page for this ad surprise you, like it did us?  Have you ever followed an ad and landed in Amazon before?  Was it for a big name brand company like HP?  Let us know in the comments section below.  We would love to hear from you.


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