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How Concealed Carry Online uses a Simple Quiz to Sell Certifications via Social Media

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How Concealed Carry Online uses a Simple Quiz to Sell Certifications via Social Media


In today's funnel review Ben Adkins and Tabitha Thomas discuss a facebook ad for Concealed Carry Online.  The Facebook ad caught Ben's eye with Donald Trump holding a gun and stating that Arkansas residence can qualify for a weapon permit test, which made for an interesting conversation between the two of us.

But, it was the funnel that was actually the most interesting part of the ad.  It used a simple quiz that anyone should be able to answer if they use common sense and Concealed Carry Online was able to capture leads for their email list because of it.

Watch the video above and join us as we walk you through:

  • The “Donald Trump toting a gun ad” that caught Ben's attention in the first place and the wording that made it work so well
  • The sales page that had him answering some interesting questions
  • The video of a tough guy that had him convinced this program was the real deal
  • Why Ben says this funnel is the best one he has seen in a very long time

The Ads

The ad above is the one that initially caught Ben's attention while scrolling through Facebook.  I'm sure you can see why it made him stop.

You won't see this next Facebook ad in the video because just after we recorded the video, Ben saw it.  This is one of the split testing ads that Concealed Online is currently using.

The second ad catches attention because of the Arkansas licenses plate and the red banner that states that “Arkansas Residence Qualify for CCW Oline”.  If you live in Arkansas, like Ben does, anything that associated with your state, will catch your eye.



As we stated before Ben was targeted for this ad because he lives in the State of Arkansas and he is of the legal age to own a gun.

Would this ad have caught your attention?  Have you gone through an online quiz like this before?  If you have questions or comments about this Facebook Funnel Review, please leave us a comment in the box below, we would love to hear your opinions.


If you would like to see more of this funnel and all of the links to actually check it out for yourself, join us inside of AdLab Premium.

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