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3 Simple Hacks That Will Get Your Facebook Agency Noticed & Earn You Local Business Clients

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3 Simple Hacks That Will Get Your Facebook Agency Noticed & Earn You Local Business Clients

Have you noticed that everywhere you go someone is trying to sell you something? Yes, so have we. And, so have your potential clients. That said, how do you avoid being salesy when attempting to get a meeting with them?

Stick with us as we share three creative ideas that are easy to implement to get your agency noticed by local businesses. Use these simple hacks, and you’ll convert potential clients into high-paying clients—trust us!

In fact, the following techniques will position you as an expert in the Facebook ads realm to potential clients:

  • The Coffee Gift Card Technique
  • The Cookie Candle Technique
  • Annotated Print Out Technique

These techniques demonstrate that you “get” marketing. And, more importantly, the business owner will want YOU on their side to help obtain new leads and grow their business for years to come.

Are you ready to see why these three hacks work and receive insider tips on how to put each into action? Great!

get your Facebook agency noticed

Before we divulge these valuable business secrets, you have to agree to use them nobly.

Do you agree? Okay, perfect. Let’s get started!


If you break it down, business owners want to work with people who understand their goals. Ultimately they’re seeking motivated people who compliment their current team. So, how do you prove you’re the person who can make an impact on their Facebook advertising? Show them you care about their business. Fostering solid business relationships is the ultimate key to continued growth of your Facebook ad agency.

On a quick side note, maintaining clients is simple if you treat each client like your best client. If you’re wondering, “How do I make each client feel valued?”, however, focus on the little things such as showing an interest in their passions alongside their business, meeting face to face and working alongside them on projects. These gestures will ensure they’re happy with your performance and their business growth.

If you need MORE info on fostering client relationships, head over to our full blog post regarding ways to keep your client pipeline full here.

get your Facebook agency noticed

Okay, we got a little off topic there for a minute, but we’re back (client relationship tips are always worth it)! The techniques discussed in this post show genuine care for the wellbeing of the businesses you’re courting! By the way, we only break down three of five hacks. But, stay with us until the end to see how you can gain access to all five!

The Coffee Gift Card Technique

We are convinced that no one can deny a hot cup of coffeeespecially local business owners who are keen on a little caffeine boost. Therefore, your mission with the coffee gift card technique is to offer your prospective client an excuse to get out of the office and indulge in that caffeine fix—with you!

get your Facebook agency noticed

Remember, we don’t want to lead with a sales pitch. Instead, we want to show genuine care for their business goals first and foremost. This can only be done when you get in front of the actual Decision Maker (a.k.a. business owner in most cases). Once you know who you are trying to reach, use these steps to get this technique brewing:

  1. Get in Touch. How do you approach inviting a friend to coffee? That’s the approach you want to take when asking a business owner to coffee through this technique. It’s okay to use an informal method such as an email or even a Facebook message. Here’s an example script so you can be sure you don’t sound too salesy:
    1. “Hey (THEIR NAME),
    2. My name is (YOUR NAME) and I just wanted to write you and say how much I enjoy (SOMETHING COOL THEY’RE DOING IN THEIR BUSINESS).
    3. I work over at (ENTER COMPANY NAME) here in (TOWN NAME) and I would love to take you out to coffee sometime and talk business. I’d love to show you this thing we’re doing with (YOUR SERVICE).
    4. Let me know if you have a day soon that would work!
    5. Thanks and I hope to get to meet you in person soon!
    7. Keep in mind, the goal of sending this casual email or Facebook message is to obtain a meeting, at which you buy the business owner coffee and discuss how you can improve their current Facebook ad strategy. Hopefully, they will respond with a resounding YES. In which case, you have your foot in the door! Awesome. But, what if you only hear crickets? Follow me to step two.
  2. Drop Off or Physical Mailer. Business owners are busy people (hey, you already know this because you are one too)! So if you don’t receive a response to the first message, it’s time to take this technique one “steep” further? See what we did there? Like allowing tea to steep? Okay, we digress.

If your message doesn't receive a response, head to the office directly. Handwrite a card and reference the digital message you sent, include a $10 gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop as well as your contact information, and drop it off for the business owner. If you prefer to mail the gift card, that’s okay too! 

This gesture will jog the business owner’s memory about your initial message (and how they forgot to respond). Ideally, this will prompt a meeting! And when it does, you’ll be ready to show how you can help them elevate their Facebook advertising strategy. 

But, what if they don’t acknowledge the coffee gift card? At that point, my friend, it’s time to move onto the next technique: the cookie candle.

The Cookie Candle Technique

get your Facebook agency noticed

Has a smell ever immediately triggered a memory for you? If you’re nodding your head, “yes,” we agree!

It happens to us all the time. Fresh cut grass—spring! Fresh laundry—clean! We could go on forever.

But, did you know there is science behind our sense of smell, which links it to our memory? Our sense of smell has a noted impact on our experiences and memories tied to an occasion. It only makes sense that we’d want to associate our prospective business clients with a pleasant and positive experience trigger like the delicious smell of cookies!

Let’s repeat that. The smell of cookies can remind customers of a pleasant and positive experience they had with a business. Your potential clients’ business!

Get a whiff of how to implement the cookie candle technique with these steps:

  1. Drop Off the Cookie Candle and Note. First things first, purchase cookie-scented candles. We recommend buying a few to have on hand, so you’re ready to complete this technique at any time! Once you have the candles, it’s time to get rolling. Write a handwritten note to the business owner. This note should include:
    • How to use the candle. For example, you could suggest burning the candle in the waiting room, so the customer’s experience enhances through their sense of smell. Share the fact that having a candle burning could increase repeat visits based on the power behind the smell related to their experience.
    • Your contact information. Be sure to include your contact details so they can reach you and know who dropped off the thoughtful gift.
  2. Stop By 1 Week Later. On this visit, you’ll drop off an annotated print out. When you do so, take notice of if they’re using the cookie candle.
    • If they are using the candle → ask for a meeting with the business owner.
    • If you don’t see the candle in use → follow up with a Facebook message or email. This message should inquire about how they like the candle and request a meeting with the business owner.

Through the cookie candle technique, you are gifting a business owner with a tangible way to increase repeat customer visits. This technique proves you have a deep understanding of effective marketing tactics. Furthermore, the candle demonstrates that you’re savvy and invested in helping the business prosper.

There’s no better way to enter into a meeting with the business owner! Ultimately, this technique enables the “flame” of your Facebook ad agency to never burn out.

The Annotated Print Out Technique

get your Facebook agency noticed

Although we know that you’re an expert in your field, local business owners won’t know until you show them. That’s where the annotated print out technique comes into play!

This technique demonstrates your vast knowledge of the Facebook advertising realm. More importantly, it shows your willingness to SHARE your insight with the business owner to explore ways to grow their business. Let’s break down the annotated print out technique.

  1. Research Facebook advertising articles specific to the niche. Facebook advertising is vastly important and transcends all industries. Simply pull a Facebook advertising article specific to the niche market in which your prospective client’s business operates.
  2. Annotate the article with notes to the business owner. Once you find a niche-specific article, annotate it and share why you think the discussed topic will assist their business.
  3. Drop the article off at the business. Include a note that explains something like, “I read this and thought of you!”
  4. Repeat at least two times. Follow up is important with this technique. Pull two more articles offering your notes and how to improve their Facebook advertising strategy. Then, drop them off within a reasonable amount of time.

The combination of these steps and continued follow up will catapult you to “expert status” in the mind of the business owner. Just where you need to be when you finally ask for a meeting—which they should willingly take!

get your Facebook agency noticed

Think of these hacks as your handy tool kit when approaching potential high-paying clients. Each technique demonstrates your care for their business. Also, each positions you as a community teammate (what local business owner doesn't want a community-focused teammate?!).

The best part? These techniques will leave the business owner thinking, “What would it be like if I did business with this person?” At that moment, they’ll take your meeting because they believe you have the know-how to be their Facebook ads expert.

Want to add two more hacks to your tool kit? We’ve got you covered with all of the nitty-gritty details for a total of five hacks over in our Local Mind Hacking course.

Did I mention that the actual scripts are included for each technique? That means you can gain real examples of what to say when writing an email or Facebook message to the potential clients!

Join us over at Closer’s Cafe in the Local Mind Hacking course for more insider tips on how to GET THE MEETING. We’ll see you over there!

get your Facebook agency noticed

Do you have a question about one of the discussed hacks? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to help your Facebook ad agency flourish on the local level!

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