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How to Use Facebook Ads to Blowout New Salon Customers

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Blowout New Salon Customers

Many people spend hundreds of dollars each year to get their hair done, But, that doesn’t change the fact that salons are up against some seriously stiff competition when trying to attract new customers.

So, what’s the advertising solution that’ll—without a doubt—revamp your client’s customer numbers and outshine the competition?

Facebook ads.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

Now, why should your client choose Facebook ads over traditional print advertising methods—direct mail, magazine listings, and even dropping business cards at shops ideal customers visit? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me explain:

  • When you choose to go with the same exact advertising methods as all the other salons in your neighborhood, your client just ends up drowning in all the noise. The noise of other salons pushing out bigger and better deals. Therefore, all the energy and time put into designing a traditional advertisement goes to waste and no new foot traffic is generated. Womp womp.
  • Traditional advertising methods can cost your client some serious moola. Consider all the businesses that advertise in a Valpak just to have their coupons thrown in the trash. Plus, they’re outdated and no longer align with where your customers spend the majority of their time (*cough* ONLINE *cough*).

And, I’ve got the numbers to prove my point in the last bullet: 65% of beauty shoppers say they’re active on Facebook every single day.

Now do you see why the advertising scales are tilting in the popular social media platform’s favor? Yet, oftentimes, Facebook can seem like a complete mystery to most salon owners. Fortunately, that’s why I’m here today!

I’m opening up the AdLab insider vault and sharing a ready-made funnel that’ll help you makeover your client’s lead generation strategy for their salon—all by using Facebook ads to increase new customer numbers this week.

You ready to get your hands on it? I figured. Let’s get to changing things up…

Here’s Your Jaw-Dropping Offer (JDO) to Transform Your Lead Gen Strategy

To get right to it, let’s discuss the first component of this ready-made funnel: the jaw-dropping offer (or JDO as you’ll see around here). It’s the “it” thing that’ll appeal to your Facebook audience, making them slow their scroll and put their finger to the mouse. Thus, making that heavenly “click” sound on your ad.

But, this can’t be just any offer you pick and choose out of thin air. It actually needs to be two things:

  • A narrowly targeted, attractive sales offer your people want.
  • A product or service of perceived high value to offer for free (or at little cost).

So, let’s start with the first bullet point. You need to determine whom exactly it is you want to target. With a hair salon, the different audiences you can appeal to are endless. But, the key is to get specific and produce an offer that’s exclusive to your client’s ideal customers.

In this case, we’ll focus on targeting both women and men, between the ages of 25 and 45, who are parents of children ages 12 and under, or teachers.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

What’s the reason for targeting teachers, you ask? Well, it’s common for them to share an offer or something special that’s going on within the community with the kids, and their parents, in their class.

Now that we’ve identified who our people are for the ad, let’s move onto the second bullet point: the offering. The most attractive (and feasible) service you can offer this type of customer is a buy one, get one kid’s cut free (Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me special for children ages 12 and under).

Simple enough, right? Onto the good stuff…

The Cutting Edge Funnel You Need to Blowout New Customers

To attract your intended audience, you need to set up a simple four-part funnel, which includes:

  • A well-targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page (aka opt-in page)
  • A thank you page
  • And, a simple follow-up email sequence and text message

Keep in mind, when you fail to include one part, you won’t serve up the most attractive funnel possible to your people. For that reason, let’s walk through each part of an effective hair salon sales funnel to ensure you get something beautiful in return: a steady influx of leads.

1. The Facebook Ad

This is where that JDO we talked about earlier will be on full display for your audience to see.

And, no, it doesn’t need to be anything grand. We don’t want you spending hours in the Facebook ad “salon” trying to come up with an eccentric cut of copy.

You’re ultimate goal is actually pretty basic: get those clicks = LEADS.

Your ultimate goal for #FacebookAds is to get those clicks = #leads Click To Tweet

What’s the most effective ad type to accomplish just that? Consideration, with the ideal objective being Traffic. That means you’re focused on sending people to a destination on or off of Facebook for lead generation.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

Pretty clear-cut? Yup, it really is. So, we’ve hashed out the ad objective, and up next is targeting.

This is where the segment we discussed earlier (women and men, between the ages of 25 and 45, who are parents of children ages 12 and under, or teachers) comes into the picture.

To begin attracting leads in your neighborhood with your buy one, get one kid’s cut free offer, you’ll want to go with the following targeting options:

  • Your city +10 miles (in this case, we used our local town. But, you’ll need to determine the radius based on where you live.)
  • All [Men AND Women], ages 25-45
  • (01-02 Years) Parents with Toddlers
  • (03-05 Years) Parents with Preschoolers
  • (06-08 Years) Parents with Early School Age Children
  • (08-12 Years) Parents with Preteens
  • Moms of grade school kids

facebook ads for hair salon leads

If the salon happens to be located within a smaller geographic area, you can buff up the audience size a bit by adding teachers into the mix. Doing so will still hit the demographic you’re aiming for.

Yes, there are many more targeting options you can choose from. But, stick with the seven strong options shared above to start getting a steady influx of leads through those salon doors ASAP.

Once you’ve set up the targeting, it’s time to move onto the ad creative! Again, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need to be grand by any means.

Instead, it just needs to have the necessary components that’ll get your audience to take action and move them to the next step of the funnel—providing their contact information to opt-in to your email list and receive the special offer (aka JDO).

After that point is when you can reach back out to those new salon leads and layer on other offers.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

In the ad example above, there are elements you can definitely model to save you a big chunk of time (yes, we’re giving you the go-ahead) to build a stand-out Facebook ad that brings you the sales you’ve been wanting.

And, yes, while we did mention earlier this funnel can target both men and women, we focused only on women in our example. Again, certain geographic areas have smaller populations, and may require you to incorporate men into your targeting mix and overall offer to beef things up. But, don’t worry! It’s still hyper-targeted as they’ll share it with their significant others.  

  • The Ad Headline—very simple and clearly states the offer.
  • The Main Ad Copyrelatable to the ad’s target audience and, again, mentions the offer.
  • The Ad Imagesomething fun (crazy hair) and was chosen because of the popularity of colored status updates (we recommend looking to for royalty-free stock images). Using this image creates that same pattern interrupt for the audience as they scroll through Facebook, making the ad pop on the page. Thus, catching their eye.
  • The Ad Descriptionagain, states the offer clearly with a bit more information (the salon offering up the special deal).
  • The Call-to-Action Buttonby choosing Learn More, you’re preparing the audience to discover additional information about the offer.

After your audience clicks the Learn More button on the ad, they’ll be redirected to an opt-in page. This page is solely designed to get their name, email, and cellphone number, in exchange for the offer.

2. The Landing Page (Opt-In)

Thinking about simply sending your audience to the sign-up or contact form on the salon’s website?

Think again.

Doing so will only create confusion as that page—for the most part—is a dime a dozen and doesn’t highlight a heckuva lot of info.

Therefore, we recommend you use LeadKit to set up a designated page for this exclusive offer. It’s a fast and professional way to build out your funnel pages at a low cost ($20/month).

facebook ads for hair salon leads

Check out the landing page (opt-in) example above, which you can copy for your own deal, making the task of bringing in new leads a smooth one. Now, let’s walk through the three reasons as to why this page works 100% to your advantage:

  • The background image and page text mimic the feeling we’re wanting to convey to the audience. And, both are consistent with the ad that led them there. The high-quality photo is an image focusing on the much-needed pampering they’ll receive once they arrive at the salon. And, once again, the page copy reiterates the offer.
  • The target is being asked to provide very minimal information—name, email address, and phone number. Thus, steering clear from overwhelming the user and causing them to click away from the page. All before they fill out the form and claim the offer.
  • And, there’s scarcity. This is very important. In this example, we’re only offering this BOGO deal to the first 15 voucher redeemers, which motivates them to opt-in quickly and visit the salon ASAP.

The best part? This landing page is AdLab tested and approved as we’ve used this same layout in dozens of different industries. It works every time!

3. The Thank You Page

After the prospective salon customer enters their information on the landing page and clicks the “Give Me My BOGO Haircut Voucher Now!” button, they’re added to your email list and redirected to a Thank You page.

Right away, you’ll notice it’s very similar to the opt-in page, with just a few small tweaks.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

  • The page opens with an explanation that a confirmation email is coming their way soon with instructions on how to claim the BOGO offer—encouraging them to call the salon and state the code (“MOM”) when scheduling their appointment. It’s essential to note the phone number on this page isn’t just any standard number. It’s actually a tracking number that forwards calls to the business in order to track the effectiveness of the campaign. You can set this up painlessly at
  • Most importantly, at the end, we throw in a bonus stack with some added scarcity. It’s an additional freebie or special offer added to the original offer. But, it’s only given to the prospective customer if they schedule their haircut within the next 48 hours. I mean, who wouldn’t want a free funny mug to sip coffee out of?! After all, coffee is life for this target audience. Plus, these mugs are very inexpensive to offer and can change out depending on seasons, etc.

Okay, are you following how amazingly simple this is to get set up right away? I thought so.

And, that completes the first three parts of our four-part funnel. The last part is what we consider the perfect finishing touch to really blowout some serious sales—aka the follow-up.

4. The Follow-Up

facebook ads for hair salon leads

If you’ve been around the AdLab blog on a regular basis, chances are, you’re familiar with what I’m about to share next: if you take the time to actually follow-up with those who’ve opted-in to receive the special deal, you’ll completely transform new customer numbers—in a good way.  

#FollowingUp with #FacebookAd leads will transform new customer numbers in a good way Click To Tweet

That’s because following up helps remove any barriers that stand between your client’s prospective customers and actually coming into their salon to get a fresh new ‘do. Not to mention, it’ll make them feel like more than just a number on your client’s books—a VIP, in fact.  

So, to get started with your follow-up process, you’ll need to send a series of two emails, as well as an SMS text message. No worries if you’ve never used text messaging in your marketing efforts. But, you should, without a doubt, consider adding it to the mix. It’ll put the BOGO offer in the lead’s hands, making it easier to redeem.

As for the emails, the first email they should receive immediately needs to restate the same information from the Thank You page. And, the second email they should receive two days later needs to tell them what they’ll gain from claiming the offer, while reminding them it expires soon. (There’s that scarcity element again!)

So, how in the world do you get all of this up and running? SendGrid is your trusted partner (or any other autoresponder tool you prefer), helping push your follow-up communications out into the world.

Well, that’ll top things off, helping guide you through the basic layout and flow of a hair salon sales funnel using Facebook ads.

Now, go on and give your lead gen strategy the makeover it deserves!

Man, did you receive some insider information today or what? You’re finally equipped with a ready-made funnel that’ll help you makeover your client’s lead generation strategy for their salon. So, go on and put it to work!

And, good news is, if you enjoyed all the scoop shared today, and are ready to stay ahead of the Facebook advertising game, I’d like to invite you to join AdLab. It’s your unfair advantage to running your agency from home, and mastering campaigns for your current and future clients.

facebook ads for hair salon leads

Have questions on this funnel? We’ve got answers. Drop us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And, don’t forget to share your results with us once you cook this funnel up!


  1. I like your comments, but I am tied up starting 2 companies and running a 3rd. I need SOMEONE ELSE to do all this as you described it. Do you have a service offering where you manage all this and run the social media campaigns for me?

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