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Facebook’s Exhaustive List of Ad Targeting Options in One Legendary Infographic

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Facebook’s Exhaustive List of Ad Targeting Options in One Legendary Infographic

Nothing in Facebook advertising is more important than targeting. Nothing.

Having a déjà vu moment, yet? I know you’ve seen this line thrown around a lot here, and elsewhere for that matter. But, it can’t be said enough.

Why? Well, for starters, Facebook advertising is a smart investment your business can’t risk passing up. And, to ensure you leverage the power the social media platform has to offer, it’s crucial you put the targeting feature to good use, maximizing your reach and return on investment. What I’m about to say, however, might have you break into a serious sweat.

facebook ad targeting options infographic

Ad targeting is way too easy for marketers to screw up.

Yup, I said it. Sure, you might have some seriously seductive copy and killer visuals you feel might win over your audience. But, if your targeting isn’t specific enough, your ad will crumple before your eyes while eating up your budget in a heartbeat.

Let’s say you’re a pizza shop owner in Boston, and you forgot to include the location targeting option, which allows you to narrow down your audience based on zip codes. You’re just asking to get low quality leads in return.

Yes, everyone loves pizza. Or, they should, in my opinion. But, if they don’t live in Boston, there’s hardly any chance they’ll find whatever you’re offering to be appealing. They’ll be left feeling like this…

facebook ad targeting options infographic

Instead of this…

facebook ad targeting options infographic

So, all that being said, let’s take your targeting to new heights, while ensuring you draw in all the right people from here on out.

Today, to help you do just that, I’m giving you what you’ve been searching long and hard for: a Facebook ad targeting options infographic, serving up all the targeting options at your disposal as an advertiser.

But first…

Before You Pick and Choose Your Targeting Options

Thanks to the flood of data Facebook is collecting from its nearly 2 billion monthly active users, you’ve got access to target those most likely to swipe what it is you have to offer.

Want to target Millennials? Check.

Want to target family vacationers? No problem.

Want to target Yankees fans? Eh, sorry. That audience is made up of zero people. (kidding!)

But, before you start picking and choosing from a plethora of options, you should be aware the key to targeting is… drumroll please… specificity. How can you tackle that all on your own? No need to worry. Facebook lends you a helping hand with this as part of its Flex And-Or Exclusion detailed targeting feature.

First, you can choose to include people in your targeting who match more than one interest, demographic, or behavior.

facebook ad targeting options infographic

You can also choose to exclude people based on particular demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Ultimately, when you focus on sharpening your targeting abilities, you’ll get a much more powerful audience and some serious conversions you’ve been craving in return. Not to mention, you’ll be saving some money in the process, as a broader audience = the need for a larger budget.

facebook ad targeting options infographic

Okay, I’m sure I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Now are you ready to get your hands on the monster guide you need to familiarize yourself with all of Facebook’s targeting possibilities? Yeah, I’m sure you are.

Facebook's Exhaustive List of Ad Targeting Options in One Legendary Infographic

You’ll find it will help you navigate the following targeting categories:

  • Demographics: based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles.
  • Interests: based on information people have added to their Timelines, keywords associated with the Pages they like or apps they use, ads they’ve clicked on, and other similar sources.
  • Behaviors: based on the activities people do on or off of Facebook, providing information regarding the type of device they’re using, purchase behaviors and intents, travel preferences, and more.
  • Connections: based on those who already have a relationship with you, whether it’s that they liked your page, joined your event, or used your app. You also have the capability to target their friends.
  • Remarketing: based on information you already have on prospects and current customers, allowing you to retarget them. You must have a pixel uploaded on your website, however, to utilize this targeting category.

Best of all? You can combine any of these categories to whip up the perfect targeting recipe for success.


Need help weeding through this guide to determine the most powerful (and important) options your small business should focus on? Check out this blog post I think you might find valuable.


Now that you’ve got the burly list of targeting options in one place, are you ready to see your sales skyrocket? Always remember, you have the capability to refine or even broaden your audience while testing on the fly.

Nothing is set in stone. That’s the best part. Keep tweaking and experimenting to land on the right set of people that’ll help bring in the conversions you’re hungry for.

And, if you want more of what was shared here today, and help navigating the oftentimes-murky waters of Facebook advertising, join AdLab now. It’s your unfair advantage to stay ahead of the game (and never again get left behind by frequent changes and updates).

facebook ad targeting options infographic

Which Facebook ad targeting options have you found work the best for you and your business? Don’t be shy—leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.


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