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6 Easy Icebreakers That Will Help You Meet New Local Clients

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6 Easy Icebreakers That Will Help You Meet New Local Clients

Here’s one thing we all know to be true: meeting new clients and winning new business can be downright hard. You’re forced to put yourself out there and be proactive in your efforts. Though, sometimes in the process, it can almost feel as if you’re back in the dating game again. Only this time, in the cutthroat, new business scene.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

Without a doubt, you’ll come into contact with people you absolutely hit it off with. And, others you walk away from, cringing and wiping your brow thinking, ”It’s not me, it’s you.” You win some, you lose some.

But, there are a few things in particular that leave many feeling stumped when it comes to hustling for new clients: where do you go to meet the right ones and how do you kick off a conversation when a potential winner catches your eye from afar?

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

Both are great questions, but you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out the answers to them all by yourself. Nope, you don’t. I’m here today to do all of the heavy lifting, sharing our six favorite cold call-free icebreakers that will help you meet new clients with ease.

Finally, you can say goodbye to trying to get in with your ideal people over what oftentimes seems to be an unproductive, icy phone conversation.

6 Easy Icebreakers That Will Help You Meet New Clients for Your Facebook Ad Agency

1. Become a Chamber Ambassador.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

When you’re building a local business, it’s beyond important to rub shoulders with, and truly get to know other owners and entrepreneurial-spirited people in your community. Not to mention, stay in-the-know on ever-changing issues and trends in your area.

So, how exactly can you do that? By joining your local Chamber of Commerce. I know, you might be thinking that entails volunteering even more of your time away from the office, in addition to Donut Bombs and client meetings. But, there are so many benefits to joining—from increasing your visibility to building new relationships, providing access to advertising and sponsorship opportunities, ongoing training, educational programs and events, and so much more.

How could you ever pass on all that good stuff? It’d be pretty dang hard.

There is something your local Chamber offers, however, that’s even more beneficial to you and your growing business. And, it’s choosing to become a Chamber Ambassador. As an ambassador, your job is as simple as showing up and supporting other local businesses when they do ribbon cuttings.

Okay, now how can doing such a small thing help you out in the long run? Because the Chamber loves to have a crowd when special events like this happen in the community, and the ambassadors are the perfect people to make an appearance. From that moment, you’ll get the opportunity to mix and mingle with other attendees, and share what it is you do—a typical icebreaker for many.

Talk about a great way to get on someone’s radar without the need to be too pushy or in their face! Not to mention, you’ll be doing the Chamber a favor. The more you help them, the more likely it is they’ll help you.

If becoming an ambassador sounds right up your alley, all you need to do is sign up and show up. And, of course, pay your dues.

2. Participate in Charity Work.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

The world’s leading entrepreneurs often land on top philanthropist lists on a regular basis. Know the ones I’m talking about? Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. And, no, the sole purpose of their efforts isn’t to get tax write-off benefits or the positive boost in PR. They truly enjoy making a difference in the lives of others and connecting with like-minded people.

While the philanthropists and entrepreneurs I just named make millions upon millions, you—as a bootstrapping entrepreneur—can find a way to participate in charity work, as well. Why choose to do it, though?

Because at every single charity event you attend, people are, again, going to ask you what you do for a living. After all, most of the people at these events don’t know each other, and you need something to talk about as you work for a greater cause.

The only thing that stands in the way of you getting your foot in the door with potential clients is choosing to go to an event. And, not back out at the last minute. From there, you’ll be glad you went as you’ll meet other business owners (and/or their employees) and have meaningful, worthwhile conversations.

3. Join Business Networking International (BNI).

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

Have you ever been to a networking event and found it beyond challenging to connect with your ideal clients? Not just because you might be an introvert, but also because there was a slew of other people there who do the same thing you do.

Yeah, I bet that might explain why you were a little hesitant to walk up to a complete stranger and break the ice. The room was chock full of competition! The good news is, Business Networking International (BNI) offers a valuable solution, allowing you a quality shot at re-entering the new business scene.

I say that because BNI only allows one person per each business type to join the chapter nearest you (it currently has more than 8,000 chapters worldwide!). This means that in your local chapter, there can only be one digital marketer, one real estate agent, one chiropractor, one dentist, and so on.

Then, when it comes time to attend a chapter meeting, you’ll be given a chance to recite your 30-second elevator pitch. Or, what’s also known as your chance to shine while sharing who you are, what you do, and even your specific target audience (Chiropractors? Dentists? Gym owners? Your choice.).

It’s important to note that the business owners who are a part of your group may not be your target clients. But, they’ll get to know you, learn to like you, and then understand how they can help connect you with people who need your services. See why BNI is such an easy ice-breaker option?

4. Attend Community Events.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

When working from home on your Facebook ad agency, it’s far too easy to become hyper-focused on your daily to-dos that you start to miss the chance to conversate with members of your community. That said, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you get out from behind that computer of yours. And, that goes for any entrepreneur, in any industry.

The question is, where should you be making a point to get out and about? Community events.

To start, make an effort to attend a few events each month, especially if you’re trying to grow a business in a small town. Tight-knit communities are difficult to break into! It might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s a vital icebreaker, to say the least—thanks to a common thread you might be noticing in this post.

Yup, you guessed it! What you do for a living will naturally come up. And, when it does, you’ll have the opportunity to share more about yourself and what you do, while getting to know other people.

5. Be a Regular at “The Spot.”

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

Frequently, how you behave at a professional event varies significantly from how you behave around your family and friends. Therefore, attending buttoned-up event after buttoned-up event can lead you to keeping your guard up and making it even more difficult for yourself to break the ice.

So, to prevent that from happening, every community has “the spot” where many residents and business owners enjoy hanging out and winding down. Right? I’m talking a restaurant, karaoke or piano bar, sports club, entertainment venue (like Topgolf); you name it. Whatever it maybe be, find it and go to it on a regular basis. And, by regular basis, I mean pick one night a week and show up.

The good news is, you don’t have to talk business to warm things up with a complete stranger. The key to a beneficial visit, however, is know before you go. Have a clear picture in your mind of who your target clients are. For example, if there’s a dentist in town you’d love to work with, take the time to learn something about them (hello, Facebook stalking makes it easy!).

Then, when you run into them, you can stop and ask how things are going. It won’t feel as creepy as you might think. Instead, it’ll make the conversation feel familiar and safe, and help build trust with your key people. Pretty simple, yet effective if you ask me!

6. Share Your Facebook Ad Talents & Skills.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

If you’ve been following along, by now, you should know we’re all about building authority for your Facebook ad agency. It’s the only way you’ll move from hobby status into legit biz status.

But, how can you do that while breaking the ice with your ideal clients? Look for teaching opportunities where you can showcase your talents and skills around town. For example, if the Chamber or another local business-focused group offers “Lunch and Learn” sessions or classes, volunteer to lead one and share Facebook advertising best practices (or some other valuable information of your choice!). When you deliver high-quality information to business owners for free, they’ll get a taste of just how skilled and smart you are, and begin to daydream how you can help them.

And, don’t worry about teaching yourself out of your business as a result of giving away information for free. Do you really think a thriving local business owner is going to want to do all of their Facebook advertising on their own (on top of their already full plate), and expect to get great results in the end? Abso-freaking-lutely not.

Now, once you’ve warmed things up, how can you prepare for a successful follow-up meeting to seal the deal?

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

Assuming all goes well with your icebreaker efforts, you should easily be able to score a meetup or coffee date with your potential prospect to casually pitch your Facebook advertising services. After all, these prospects are not leads shaking like a leaf out in the frigid cold air. Instead, they’re all cozy and warm because they’ve seen you around, spent time with you, and have an idea of what it is you do.

So, the most prominent question you might have is, “How can I prepare for a successful follow-up meeting to seal the deal?” I thought you’d never ask! Simply put, if they agree to meet with you or see you outside of the previous circumstance (for example, a chamber meeting), there’s a good chance they’re open to, or at the very least, expecting to talk about the services you offer. Therefore, when you go into your first meeting, remember it’s likely you’re going to be told “no.” I hate to say it, but it’s true.

There’s power in knowing this, however. You won’t have high expectations, and you’ll have a plan in place as to how to handle any objections—flipping that “no” to a solid “yes.” Here are two of our key tips to get the job done:

  • Go into the conversation knowing that you are going to be playing a long, hard game. The last thing you want to do is come on too strong and push too hard with that first pitch (even though they aren’t a “cold” prospect). If you come on too strong, you’ll end up looking desperate for clients, and no one will want to do business with you.
  • Play it cool and take your time addressing questions and concerns. And, there will be plenty because they aren’t going to be quick to hand over their hard-earned cash to you.

If you go into that first meeting, however, and you do get a “yes,” go home and celebrate. And, get ready to knock their socks off with unbeatable results!

Now, you have the six easy icebreakers you need to bid farewell to the chill that is awkward silence and meet new clients with ease. Once you implement these, you can look forward to growing your Facebook ad agency sooner rather than later!

And, if you’re craving more of what we discussed today, and want help navigating the waters of growing your Facebook ad agency, I invite you to join AdLab. It’s your unfair advantage to stay ahead of the game, while mastering ads for your current and future clients.

easy icebreakers that will help you meet new clients

What’s your favorite icebreaker? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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