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3 Magic Chiropractic Funnels That Will Help You Build a Winning Facebook Agency (Without Free Offers!)

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3 Magic Chiropractic Funnels That Will Help You Build a Winning Facebook Agency (Without Free Offers!)

If you don’t know the story by now, I started out as a chiropractor.

Yes, you read that right! And, not only did I endure years of schooling, but I also built a highly successful practice from the ground up entirely off of Facebook.  

Say what?! Let me guess. You just turned into a real-life cartoon character as your eyes about popped out of your head reading that last sentence.

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

And, I don’t blame you. But, I’m just dishing out the honest truth right now. Ultimately, that’s how I got my start in this whole Internet marketing/drive leads to a business thing.   

Don’t get me wrong—being a chiropractor and serving patients is what I loved doing. But, just as most chiropractors do, I struggled with bringing people through my office doors. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, especially as most chiropractors have a marketing toolkit of completely outdated practices. (And, that’s putting it lightly.)

For those reasons, I’m on the blog today to give you just a small taste of how you can help chiropractors enhance their practices. All by using three lead generation funnels (there are more—I’ll share how to access them at the very end), which will, in turn, help you build a winning Facebook agency (and unlock recurring monthly income!).

The best part? It doesn’t require much effort on either end—yours or your chiropractic clients. And, they don’t have to give any of their high-priced services away for free! While we’re huge supporters of that, in this instance, we’re all about selling services at full price.  

So, what do you say? Ready to dive right in? Let’s get started!

3 Magic Chiropractic Funnels That Will Help You Build a Winning Facebook Agency (Without Free Offers!)

First, why focus on chiropractors?

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

Obviously, we’re huge fans of chiropractors here at Closer’s Cafe. Could we be a bit biased?


But, the real question should actually be, why the heck wouldn’t you focus on chiropractors as clients of your Facebook ad agency?

I ask that because there’s a patient satisfaction survey out there that illustrates chiropractic care is not only one of the most effective treatments for back pain, but also many patients feel like they got what they came for during their scheduled appointments.

So, that said, do you think chiropractors have great potential to make a lot of money if they can attract new patients?

Absolutely! And, that’s because they’re in the business of helping others.

Hold up. Not familiar with chiropractic practices? Here’s how they work.

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

We’ve become pretty familiar with them, and for a good reason. We understand, however, you might feel slightly left out with all this chiropractic talk—especially if you’ve never visited one before.

Therefore, to help you get started off on the right foot, let’s dig into the essentials of what you should know.

  • What are chiropractors? We consider them to be structural engineers. They look at the components that make up the framework of the human body and ensure those components work well together.
  • What is the primary source of business for chiropractors? Referrals from their existing patients. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
  • What happens once those referrals show up in the office for their appointments? The office executes a process similar to this one:
      1. The new client fills out the paperwork.
      2. A staff member handles the initial diagnostics—asking questions and taking a blood pressure measurement.
      3. That same staff member then preps the chiropractor on what’s going on (aka the problem or reason for the patient’s visit).
      4. The chiropractor will then ask the patient his/her own questions, and conduct the initial exam.
      5. This initial exam could lead to further exams because of things they noticed. And, that opens up the possible need for X-rays or other imaging.
      6. After the initial exam/adjustment, however, is when the doctor pulls out the big guns. That is, if they have a great business. What I mean by that is he or she prepares a Report of Findings. This often involves a small “sit-down” during which the chiropractor runs through exactly what’s going on, what’s needed to fix it, and the time and cost involved. Most importantly, this report needs to be approached as a sales process. Otherwise, the patient won’t comply. If the patient doesn’t comply, they won’t get the results they’re looking for. No results = no future business.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it’s essential you understand how their office works (or should work). Therefore, when you do get leads into their doors, and they aren’t sticking, you have a solid understanding why.

Now, onto the next critical thing you need to understand…

The #1 mistake chiropractors make when marketing online.

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

While it can be challenging to get patients to stick from time to time, marketing a chiropractic practice is by no means an easy task either.

Why? Because:

  • They’re coming out of the “dark ages” so to speak. Think marketing by way of mailed letters, tchotchkes such as fridge magnets or gel ice packs handed out at local events, spinal screenings, and even Yellow Pages—all with the hopes of seeing new patients walk through their doors.
  • Some chiropractic “guru” came around and said, “Don’t advertise pain relief, advertise wellness.” Sound the alarms. That’s so far from wrong.

Thus, each of these things ends up doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to—devaluing practices and all the years of schooling it took chiropractors to get their business up and running in the first place.

And, that’s not all. They also end up blending in with the rest of the chiropractors around the world, and most importantly, their community. Reason being, they’re afraid of specializing in treating one group, and one group only, because they think it’ll scare other potential patients off.

The important thing to remember, however, is that many businesses—no matter the industry—feel this same exact way. The result? Owners continue wearing what seems to be an invisible cloak that detracts new and recurring business.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering—how do you go about helping chiropractors take this challenge head on? Get them to start advertising a specific SPECIALTY.

If you get a chiropractor to speak to a specific audience about their personal struggle with a specific condition and how it’s affecting their life, what’s causing their struggle, as well as how you can help them combat it, you reel them in.

You hit a nerve. You educate them. And, you build authority.

In today’s world, businesses have a freaking tough time accomplishing this as they feel the need to sell to anyone and everyone. When that happens, however, they fail to connect with their ideal clients as they avoid peeling back the layers to truly connect with and build a relationship with them.

So, as you might imagine, helping chiropractors “niche down” and become focused in their messaging will only continue to build up their practice (and your agency) for years to come.

Okay, now for the real question—what are three specialty conditions and how will you advertise them to reach a specific audience?  

Remember, to get your clients’ phones ringing off the hook, the key is to focus on specialized conditions. But, how do you advertise those? You surely can’t do it through traditional, outdated methods like Yellow Pages, direct mail pieces, and sitting behind a booth at a wellness fair.

So, what’s the secret? A Facebook ad lead generation funnel. Follow these steps for ultimate success:

  1. Choose one condition from the list below. While there are many more your chiropractic client might focus on within their practice, we’ve found these three conditions generate the best results. You can choose from one of the following (or register for our course for the full list!) to serve as the focus of your webpage and Facebook ad content. Thus, helping you develop a successful funnel that gets new patients for your clients fast.
    1. Knee Pain in Seniors—focus your ad targeting on women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your chiropractic client’s practice. Why so young? Because your mission is to get in front of the family’s primary caretakers—the children or grandchildren.

      This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    2. Low Back Pain in Athletes—focus your ad targeting on women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your chiropractic client’s practice. The demographics should also include any of the following:
      • Parents with preteens (08-12 years)
      • Parents with teenagers (13-18 years)
      • Parents with adult children (18-26 years)

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    3. Low Back Pain in Pregnant Women—focus your ad targeting on women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your chiropractic client’s practice. Also, their purchase behavior should include baby products. And, their interests should include pregnancy.

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  2. Craft a sales page. Encapsulate what your client does and says to patients in their office—think patient education—and put it into an easy-to-consume message formatted for a webpage, helping them reach a specific audience who has yet to grab hold of their first-rate services. Keep in mind, however, you’re NOT selling anything. Unlike most sales pages you’ve seen in the past, with this one, there will be no buy button. Why? Because the goal of this page is to serve as a way to educate the target audience on how their problem can be treated, and get them to fill out the contact form on the page and/or call your client’s office.
  3. Once that sales page is up and running, create a Facebook ad that leads the target audience straight to the page. Thus, pushing them all the way through the sales funnel and into your client’s office. They’ll see the ad, land on the page, hit the call to action button to fill out the contact form, and your client will get an alert in the office via email so the staff member can follow-up with them and get them booked for their services. Bingo! Best of all, these ads can run for $5-$10 a day. That’s it. We’re talking about some of the cheapest advertising they’ve probably ever done! And, it’s not complicated because it doesn’t have to be. It just works!

Ultimately, focus only on one condition, and one sales page and Facebook ad for that condition. That may not seem like a lot, but typically one is enough to drive an influx of business into your client’s office.

Wondering how you’ll sell this to your local chiropractors?

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

I know what you might be thinking—yeah this all looks good on the screen. But, how will I sell this to them?

It’s not as difficult as you may think. After all, chiropractors really don’t like the way people out there are marketing, and the way they’re being told to market. Hey, I can say this because I’ve been there!

It’s becoming ineffective for them, and it’s actually being banned by their state boards. Not to mention, Medicare requires electronic medical records, which forces chiropractors to transfer away from paper.


That’s a huge 360 for many of them. But, it presents a huge opportunity for you.

No chiropractor is going to want to have to sit down and write a sales page on a specific condition. Let alone, write a good one. So, position this funnel service to them in the following way:

  • I’m here to tell you I can help. Depending on the condition you’d like to see more of in your office, I will work with you to set up the webpage and Facebook ad, and manage it all.
  • We’ll then want to run the Facebook ad at around $10 a day within your local area. Therefore, to manage the ad and ensure it continues to work to drive new patients, I charge between $300-$500 per month for these services.
  • In return, you can look forward to saving some serious time and energy that you would’ve otherwise spent on doing this entire thing yourself! Not to mention some serious goal crushing, getting you the new patient numbers you’ve wished for.  

Think they’ll be all about it? Well, I don’t think so. I know so!

You heard it first from me, folks. As a fellow chiropractor myself, school was tough. But, getting new and recurring patients to walk through those doors can be even more of a challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start positioning yourself as a Facebook ads expert for this specific industry, and you’ll no doubt make an impact on their business and grow your agency in the process!

If you're looking for more insight and funnels to assist with lead generation for local practices, we’ve got just the thing for you—a course called The 6 Magic Chiropractic Funnels! We hope you’ll join us and look forward to you getting the results you’ve been searching for. They’re ready and waiting for you.

chiropractic funnels that will help you build a winning facebook agency

Have questions about the chiropractic funnels mentioned here today? Or, something to share? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Thanks for the article!

    Quick questions on this, what is a result that chiropractors are looking to see ideally with every “perfect” patient coming through? I’ve heard some that it’s a client who has insurance, others who need recurring visits, etc. I know this is generally a broad question, but really what’s defined as a “high-quality” lead or what are good questions are to ask in order to “pre-qualify” them on a sales page?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Ej! Thank you for your question, it depends on the Chiropractor and what they want for their office. I would start with patients who need care and are willing to pay and stick to a care plan. Some good questions would be: Why they need a Chiropractor? Have they used one before? What are their health goals?

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