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8 Time-Saving Tools for Making Money (& Working Less) in Your Facebook Agency

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8 Time-Saving Tools for Making Money (& Working Less) in Your Facebook Agency

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a strategic set of systems that keep ‘em going! Can you relate? Running your own business can be downright BUSY. The one-man or woman show can be a struggle to juggle at times (and that’s why there’s coffee!). But, I have the solution for you!

Allow me to introduce you to eight time-saving systems that will help you work less and make more through your Facebook agency.

Sound too good to be true? I promise it isn't. These eight life-saving, I mean time-saving, tools are sure to help you stay organized as you scale your agency.  

I am confident that these user-friendly applications will make your #workfromhomeflow much smoother. Let's start at the top of the list and work our way down, shall we?

Tool #1: Trello for Project Management & Organization

You're probably asking, “Where do I start?” I recommend you start at ground zero. In this case, ground zero is code for Trello. Simply put, Trello is the best tool when it comes to making lists, tracking progress, and ensuring timely completion of all your business and client needs.

Whether working on a team of ten or one, Trello is where you should begin to manage multiple Facebook agency clients. For starters, set up a “New Client” board. Here, we recommend including cards that detail what you need from clients to commence the work. Checklist items on the cards could include a company logo, login credentials, signed contracts or status of agreements, and anything else pertaining to the onboarding of a new client. This board is for your reference only to make sure all of your clients are set up correctly from the start of the working relationship.

Next, set up a separate board for each existing client. Share this board with your main “point person” at each business. This way, they can easily track what you're working on, what you're waiting on, and upcoming items of attention. The cards on your client boards can include ad ideas, an ad calendar, all to-dos for specific ads and future action items to ensure timely delivery.

Beyond listing the tasks at hand, Trello also allows you to assign cards to all involved in the project. This helps sync the team and ensures all items are completed on time by the designated teammate.  

Ultimately, Trello is your key to transparency with your clients. At the click of a mouse, your client can easily see what you're working on, ads that are currently running, and future ads in the works (and every to-do in-between). When managing multiple clients, Trello will save you hours of emailing back and forth when they get curious about where you stand with your work (and you’ll have peace of mind that everyone’s on the same page)!

time-saving systems for your Facebook ad agency

Speaking of email, let's chat about that next.

Tool #2: Boomerang for Email Scheduling

As a Facebook ad agency owner, I know that you work long hours! I feel your pain in crafting those late-night emails. But, did you know it's so important to set client boundaries (especially for emails!)? It's crucial to determine “office hours” and uphold them. If not, your clients will think you're always working (which you most likely are because you believe in the hustle, but we don't want them to know that).

Boomerang is your trusted sidekick when it comes to setting email boundaries. This application integrates with your existing Gmail account, and allows you to take control of when you send and receive email messages.

Before you hit “send” on your next email to a client, utilize the Boomerang scheduling system to protect your business hours. Through this time-saving system, you can continue to respond to emails in your inbox when you have the time (albeit midnight for some). But, opt for the “Send Later” button when you put that finishing touch on them. This way, Boomerang will hold the email until a scheduled, *cough cough* normal hour to send the email.

Boomerang saves time and allows you to set expectations that align with normal business hoursin the midst of your not-so-normal working hours. I’m sure that made you breathe a sigh of relief! (I think I even heard it on this end of the computer.)

Let's touch on organizing all of our documents (digitally!) next.

time-saving systems for your Facebook ad agency

Tool #3: Google Drive for File Organization

Our fast-paced, business owner lifestyle demands that all client documents are accessible no matter where we work from. Yes, even our phones.

The simplest way to ensure that all documents are consistent, up-to-date, and readily available is to put all of them on Google Drive. The use of Google Drive will also work hand-in-hand with our next system, Zapier, and automate your Facebook agency (especially when it comes to follow-up). But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Google Drive looks and feels like what we're used to when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, and beyond. However, it all lives in the cloud. This means you can access your documents whenever and wherever there's an Internet connection. Music to my ears (and yours too, I suspect)!

Another extremely user-friendly feature of using Google Drive is the ease with which you can share documents with clients. Whether directly granting your client access or sharing the document through a link, teammates can view, edit, and comment directly on the document. These critical notations are all saved and ready for you to view at all times.

Say goodbye to keeping multiple copies and eliminate all confusion of which document is the most up-to-date. Your Google Drive has got your back. Google, I knew I liked you!

time-saving systems for your Facebook ad agency

Let's talk bots next. Yup, you’re going to want to stick around for this!

Tool #4: Zapier for Automation

We live in a day and age when robots are actually a realitywell, almost. I am referring to bots that help us automate our digital communications, calendars, and online chaos as a whole.

Wait, how do you sign up for a bot that helps you with grocery shopping, carpool line, and more? Although we aren't there quite yet, Zapier can help automate repetitive tasks for your Facebook ad agency. (And, in the meantime, Alexa is working on the rest!)

Think of Zapier as your personal assistant, but one that knows how to code across multiple platforms like straight magic (Harry Potter, magic y'all)! Through this system, you can create “zaps” that work for you by syncing all the eight apps we’re discussing and many more.

To set up each zap, you'll need to pay close attention to form fields that align with the goal of that specific zap. Client birthday emails? Check. Text alerts? No problem. CRM integration? You get the point. That close attention to detail in the set-up phase will pay off BIG time when you have an automated personal assistant on your side.

For the sake of time, I can't break down all the specifics of how Zapier can work for you. So, I put together a dedicated blog post including five ways to use this tool to run your agency. Click here to better understand how to “hire” your very own bot.

Let's chat about scheduling meetings next.

time-saving systems for your Facebook ad agency

Tool #5: Calendly for Meeting Scheduling

Did you know that it takes an average of five emails back and forth before a meeting is scheduled?

Five emails, per meeting scheduled.

That's a ton of time and energy wasted when the meeting itself should be where your time is invested. This is where Calendly comes in! Opt out of multiple emails and instead utilize one email containing a link intended to serve you and your client in selecting a convenient meeting time for all involved. And, we all said, YAY!

Is it too early to pop bottles? Just kidding… we're working here!

Do you meet with your local clients on a weekly basis? Perhaps monthly? Before requesting a meeting via email, opt to make the switch to Calendly. Through this virtual calendar, the meeting organizer can select a number of date and time options, generate a link, and request that the meeting attendees select the best time for them. That's it.

One click as opposed to five emails? Sign. Us. Up.

That was a no-brainer. Now onto something a little bit more tricky: social media management.

time-saving systems for your Facebook ad agency

Tool #6: MeetEdgar for Social Media Scheduling

Aside from scaling your Facebook agency, you may also have a #sidehustle. What do I mean by that? Well, because clients look to you for lead generation via Facebook, they assume you know how to optimize marketing and advertising across all social media outlets. Which you probably do!

So, if you offer this service (social media scheduling), how do you manage scheduling Facebook posts and additional social media posts for your clients? MeetEdgar is your new bestie. Say, “Hey, Edgar!”

We're making so many new friends today, aren’t we? MeetEdgar is your social media scheduling savior.

Scheduling relevant content on social media is a straight up timesuck. But, MeetEdgar allows you to upload unlimited content into a library. This content is then posted based on a schedule you choose, recycled overtime, and regenerated to new audiences.

Have you ever felt like you create an impressive social media post, only to realize it's lost in the shuffle after five minutes? Us too. Luckily, Edgar recognizes your time and energy spent crafting that content, and he uses it over and again in an optimized way.

Put your feet up because this hack will allow you to get your real social life back. Close that laptop and opt for BNO (boys night out) or GNO (girls night out)!

time-saving systems for your facebook ad agency

Let's talk about the importance of funnel systems next.

Tool #7: LeadKit for Facebook Funnel Creation

Running a successful Facebook agency is determined by the results you produce for clients. These results are often produced not from the ad itself, but from the jaw-dropping offer (JDO) that your client utilizes to bait new customers.

How do you turn people clicking on your Facebook ad into customers for your client? You must use a funnel system that seamlessly guides leads through a series of steps to redeem the stellar offer. I mean, how else do you expect them to take action after seeing the ad?

The good news is, LeadKit puts the FUN in your funnel!

With existing Facebook ad funnels already generated for your client's niche market, it couldn't be easier to create an opt-in page, thank you page, and effective follow-up system for all that new business you’re driving through your client's front door!

Beyond that though, LeadKit aids in the management of growing email lists for your client, which is GOLD. Through that email list, you’re able to offer your clients a targeted list of people that already expressed INTEREST in their business and services.

Let me repeat that.

You are hand-delivering your clients with customers ready to walk through their front door.

Finally, LeadKit streamlines the follow-up between your client and potential customers. It really is a triple threat for your Facebook ad agency.

Lastly, let's touch on reporting.

How to Work Less & Make More with Time-Saving Systems for Your Facebook Ad Agency

Tool #8: DashThis: Facebook Ad Campaign Reporting

How do you keep clients coming back for more? You SHOW them your Facebook ads are working for them. The numbers don't lie.

Rather than relying on the Facebook insights (which can make your eyes cross), focus your efforts on producing easy-to-read reports through DashThis for your clients.

This system creates custom dashboards and integrates with the Facebook ads you're running to capture the data that matters (like conversions, frequency, and cost per click). These dashboards will allow you to better understand what works for your client and areas that can be improved.

But, even better, you can share this valuable data directly with your clients or generate reports that are super professional to show that your work is working for them.

Business owners, in general, are concerned with how hard their dollars are working. Prove to them just how far their investment in your ad agency services goes for their business with these flawless, easy-to-digest reports.   

While others are slaving away to manage all of the moving parts of owning their own business, you can remain confident that your Facebook agency is running at its highest proficiency thanks to the eight systems discussed above! With happy little “bots” on your team, there's no denying your ability to scale your agency to infinity and beyond. (I am envisioning the little green aliens from Toy Story right now, and they're cheering you on!)

How to Work Less & Make More with Time-Saving Systems for Your Facebook Ad Agency

These time-saving insider tips are just the start of growing your Facebook agency. Want more of the good stuff? I've got you covered. Head over to Closer's Cafe and check out numerous courses, which are all segmented to help you with any questions you have about running your agency (and running it well). I'll see you over there!

I know we breezed through these time-saving tips. Do you have a question about one of the eight systems discussed above? Drop me a comment below, and I'll get back to you. Making your life easier as a Facebook agency boss is my favorite thing to do.


  1. Thanks so much for including DashThis in your list; glad it’s making you money and saving you time – that’s what we were going for 🙂

    And we use several of the other tools mentioned in your list here at DashThis too!

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