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6 High Converting Local Facebook Ad Funnels to Steal in 2018

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6 High Converting Local Facebook Ad Funnels to Steal in 2018

Last year seemed like it was the “Year of the Local Funnel”. So many professionals across various verticals were transitioning away from one business, into helping local businesses with lead generation. It’s almost like there was an awakening and suddenly people realized there was so much money to be made simply by helping businesses they already loved and supported.

The problem was that there are so many big name brands and coaches, all teaching different strategies. It makes it really hard to for “newbie agencies” to know where to start when it comes to creating a great local offer and setting up a funnel to get leads for it.

Fortunately, if you happen to be one of those new agencies, we have six tried and true, high converting local funnels that you can use to help grow your agency in 2018.

Funnels We Are Going to Cover:

1. Restaurant Birthday Funnel
2. Real Estate (Buyer) Home Guide Funnel
3. Gym Trial Funnel
4. Chiropractic Massage Funnel
5. Dental Bridal Whitening Funnel
6. Plastic Surgery Botox Funnel

Basically, each of our proven local funnels have the exact same structure. First, we run a narrowly targeted Facebook ad with a jaw dropping offer. The ad leads users to a simple landing page that restates the offer from the ad. Once the user opts in, they are redirected to a thank you page with a special bonus offer. Then, they receive an email and text alert reminding them to schedule or claim the offer.

This entire funnel is setup to drive traffic into the local business with the intention that the business can then upsell the customer on additional products or services. The reason it works is because the business has already proven their value and established trust with the customer, prior to selling them something else.

Sounds crazy simple? Well, you’re right. But even as simple as it is, why play a guessing game when figuring out a converting offer? Let’s dig into our favorite high converting local funnels.

6 High Converting Local Facebook Ad Funnels

Funnel #1: Restaurant Birthday Funnel

The Restaurant Birthday Funnel is seriously one of my favorite funnels. The bonus of this strategy is that it can be applied to almost any industry, not just restaurants. It really doesn’t have any barriers at all!

The trick to this (and all of these funnels) is that you have to give the user an “excuse to buy.” One of the best converting offers for getting customers into a local restaurant, is to a BOGO Birthday Dinner offer.

The goal of this ad is to get them to click on it, and sign up for the offer. The great thing about this too is it doesn’t have to be a dinner, necessarily. It could be lunch, or coffee or donuts…literally whatever would be considered valuable at that establishment. Since you are only targeting people who have a birthday that month, the offer is highly sustainable.

From the ad, users are directed into a funnel that’s goal is to actually drive them into the doors of the business. The landing page carries on the celebratory theme and makes it a “no brainer” to get their butts to the restaurant for their free meal.

The thank you page then congratulates them and gives them a free dessert as a timed bonus offer that makes additional sales a “piece of cake.” At the same time they land on the thank you page, they receive an email and text confirmation with instructions for using their BOGO offer.

Why this works:

Restaurants leads are much easier to obtain than leads in many other niches. One reason is that food is a basic human need. People will justify excessive spending on things that fill a basic need in their life (food, shelter, transportation, etc.) Another reason these leads are easier to get is that “eating out” is a common social event across almost any demographic.

When you combine these things with an excuse to buy (celebrating their birthday) and the sustainability of the offer (only valid during the birthday month) it’s easy to see why it’s one of our go-to offers in our funnel series.

Funnel #2: Real Estate Homes Guide Funnel

Contrary to our previous funnel, real estate buyer leads are much harder to get. This is largely because buying a home is a HUGE investment so people often take their time and change their minds often during the entire process.

All that being true, something that is extremely valuable to serious home buyers, is access to the most current home listings in their area. (Nobody wants to miss out on their dream home, right?) So in that same vein, one offer that converts amazing is an area Affordable Homes Guide.

Basically, it’s an PDF containing the most recent “affordable” listings. Now this offer takes a bit more work to put together but it is absolutely worth the effort. Essentially, you would work with your real estate professional to keep this updated on a regular basis. (Weekly, is ideal in most cases but can be done on a monthly basis.)

The other great thing about this is that “affordable” is a relative term. You can use that to reflect homes with the cheapest price OR homes that are the greatest deal based on their  home value. If you work with higher end clients, you could consider doing a luxury homes guide instead. The idea is pretty limitless.

The thank you page then offers a neighborhood deals book as a timed bonus, to get the user schedule a home tour within 48 hours. This bonus will take a bit of collaborating to put together. It’s basically a collection of special coupons and deals gathered from businesses in the local community. It’s a great way to give them exposure and help your client at the same time. Two birds, one stone. Perfect.

Why this works:

This real estate funnel works so well because it offers custom solutions to the user. Making that personal connection with leads is a crucial part of getting them to convert down the line. In this industry it’s even more important because so much is at stake when they are looking to buy a home. You have to help them understand that their needs are being considered by your client. This is a really easy way to accomplish that goal!

Funnel #3: Gym Membership Freebie Funnel

Fitness is one of the most popular industries advertising for leads online right now, no doubt in part because of the increased popularity of crossfit. Gyms and fitness centers are usually pretty easy to get leads for but they are a little harder to keep them as long term customers than some other industries.

That being said the question becomes, what would convince someone to maintain their gym membership? The answer is not easy. Members need to:

  • Feel safe (from physical harm AND judgement)  
  • Experience cleanliness (no one wants to touch someone else’s bodily fluids…super gross)
  • Be supported (that there is an experienced and caring staff there to help them reach their goals)

The only real way to accomplish all of these things is with time. Members have to have time to get the full experience before they can make that decision. The jaw dropping offer we have seen convert tremendously well for this niche is a FREE Trial.

We have found that it works best to do a 2 week FREE trial as the initial offer, with a timed bonus offer for an additional 2 weeks. By now they have their time and health invested in a membership. This allows them to make a solid decision because they were given a chance to experience the gym to the fullest.

Why this works (and how you can mess it up):

This funnel has been proven to work over and over again, for those clients that are genuinely interested in the members results and are committed to providing an ideal workout environment. Where we see this start to fall short is when clients try to shorten the length of the trial or when members feel like they are in a fitness desert.

What I mean by “desert” is an uninviting space where staff is scarce (hard to find or approach) leaving the member feeling totally on their own. The gym owners need to make sure their staff is making new members feel welcomed but without pressure.

Funnel #4: Chiropractic Massage Funnel

Another local funnel that crushes leads over and over is our Chiropractic Massage funnel. This is essentially our veteran funnel. If you have been following us for awhile, then you know that our CEO Dr. Ben Adkins was a chiropractor for several years before he transitioned to working an agency online. It’s actually the reason he has such a firm grasp on what works for growing local businesses; he actually owned a successful one, it’s not theory he read somewhere.

One of the things that helped free his time, make him so successful and scale so quickly, was bringing on a massage therapy staff. With that team in place they were able to offer FREE 15 minute chair massages to gain the trust with patients and lends itself naturally to up-selling chiropractic services.

While there are certainly tons of ways to target people for a free massage, one especially high converting audience is in the fitness industry. The ad would look something like this:

By targeting Crossfitters and other fitness enthusiasts, using a language they are familiar with, you are narrowing the pool of prospects to a group of people who value physical health. (Perfect candidates for chiro service.)

Like with the other funnels, the landing page is simple and to the point, and the thank you page stacks a bonus on the offer of an additional 15 minute massage. (Who wouldn’t love a free 30 minute massage after a hard workout?)

This offer positions the staff and doctor to build trust with the customers and easily lends itself to chiropractic upsells.

Funnel #5: Bridal Whitening Dental Funnel

One of the easiest ways to get dental leads is offering a FREE teeth whitening for brides. Now before you ask, doesn’t that offer only attract tire kickers or freebie seekers? The answer is no. While you may get one or two leads that may not intend to purchase any additional services, it’s a drop in the bucket to those that do. Here’s an example of the ad and targeting that works:

The trick to making this convert really lies in the ability of the staff to upsell the patient once they come in for the initial treatment. The staff needs to establish a relationship of trust right away with the patients that come in. A lot of practices require an exam prior to whitening and decide to include that as part of the offer specifically to be able to identify additional issues that would require the patient to need a follow up visit.

As you can see above, this funnel is similar to the others. (Didn’t I mention this was a rinse and repeat style lead generation system?) However, like I mentioned in the gym funnel, the degree of which your client follows up with the leads can make or break the entire outcome.

There are lots of ways to get a return on the FREE initial whitening. You can offer a discount to the rest of the wedding party on a whitening treatment or even offer a bonus take home whitening kit for the patient for scheduling their appointment within a certain time frame.

Why this works:

As a health professional, it is crucial that they make the new patient feel like they are more than just a number. What’s better is, if you win over one family member, the odds are great that you win the entire family.

Funnel #6: Freebie Plastic Surgery / MedSpa Funnel

Our sixth highest converting funnel is the FREE botox funnel. Let’s face it, botox is one of those things either you are INTO or you’re not. There’s not much middle ground. And offered in small amounts, the benefit far outweighs the cost of giving away a few crow’s feet removals.

This offer works especially well when you target women ages 30-50 who are divorced, separated or in a complicated relationship because they are often (but not always) looking to put themselves “back on the market” so to speak.

With this funnel you have to be cautious on ad copy though. Facebook will slap you down hard if you refer to plastic surgery or make users feel like something is wrong with them. You also probably want to avoid before and after images. While some people can get away with using them (and Facebook actually showcases some in their library, the majority ads get rejected.

If you look at the landing page for this funnel, you can see that the same vibe was carried through from the ad – it speaks exactly to our target audience. They should have no question who this offer is ideal for. The offer is usually so effective, that a “bonus” offer isn’t usually necessary.

Why this works:

The follow up process here is also really important. Remember how I mentioned people either love it or hate it? Well, if the staff goes out of their way to make sure the patient feels safe and is well prepared for what to expect before and after the procedure, then the patient is more likely to want to come back again. (This is especially true when the final result is exactly what they were hoping for.)

Want to use these funnels for your agency?

The best part about all of these funnels is that if you want to skip all the setup, LeadKit has each of these funnels (and more) completely done for you for only $20/month per business. No more wasting hundreds of dollars and tons of hours on funnel building software just to test a lead generation funnel for your clients.

If you loved getting your hands on these funnels today, and are ready to get ahead of the Facebook advertising game, join Closer’s Cafe. It’s your unfair advantage to run a successful agency from home, and master campaigns for your current and future clients.

Have questions or something to share on these funnels? Drop us a comment below. And, be sure to share your results with us once you put it to use!


  1. Hey! Love your content. I tried running a Botox offer using your ad copy and it didn’t get approved. I believe it’s the references to youth or mybe wrinkles. Having a hard time understanding how you Run this everytime. Any advice? It’s my first Botox offer for a new client and would love a great setup to kill it.

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